Zoom set to roll out a native app for Macbooks

Video conferencing application Zoom set to roll out a native app for Macbooks running on Apple’s M1 Silicon

Video conferencing application Zoom is set to roll out a native version of its app for Apple’s shiny new M1 Macs.

According to Mashable, to be clear, Zoom has long been available on the M1 Mac and MacBooks but only indirectly. The macOS app was developed for Intel-based Macs but it can run on Apple Silicon M1 via the Rosetta translation later.

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In an update that will come on December 21, a new “native” version of Zoom will be available for this new generation of Apple computers. The full benefits of a native M1 Zoom app might not exactly be that discernible. It could run faster, though there have been no reports of the sluggishness of the x86 app on M1 Macs. In fact, the performance of the app has been commendable, draining the battery only in sips per hour of use. A native M1 version would reduce power usage even further.

The December 21 update will not just be about the Apple M1, though. It will also allow calling contacts that have been imported via contact integration. Those with Zoom Phone Pro licenses will also be able to send and receive SMS/MMS on their phones directly.

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