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India’s Active Caseload slumps below 3 lakh; lowest in 163 days

Active Caseload retracts to less than 3% of the Total Cases

Less than 20,000 daily New Cases lowest in 173 days


India has registered several landmark achievements in the fight against the global pandemic today.

India’s active caseload has fallen below 3 lakh(2,92,518)today.The share of Active Cases in the total Positive Cases has further shrunk below 3% to 2.90%. This is lowest after 163 days.  The total active cases were 2,92,258 on 12th July, 2020.

A net decline of 11,121cases has been recorded in the total active cases in last 24 hours.

India has achieved a new low in daily cases. Less than 20,000 daily new cases (19,556)were added to the national tally in the last 24 hours after 173 days. The new added cases were 19,148 on 2ndJuly, 2020.

India’s active cases per million population are amongst the lowest in the world (219). The figure is much higher for countries like USA, Italy, Brazil, Turkey and Russia.

The total recovered cases have crossed 96 lakhs (96,36,487) which translates to a Recovery Rate of 95.65%. The gap between Recovered cases and Active cases continues to grow and presently stands at 93,43,969.

30,376 cases have recovered in the last 24 hours. New recoveries have been exceeding the new cases continuously since last 25 days.

The high level of testing on a daily basis combined with high levels of recoveries along with steadily declining new cases have led to a slide in the mortality rate.


75.31% of the new recovered cases are observed to be concentrated in 10 States/UTs.

Maharashtra has reported the maximum number of single day recoveries with 6,053 recoveries. Kerala follows with 4,494 new recoveries. West Bengal recorded another 2,342 daily recoveries.

75.69% of the new cases are concentrated in 10 States and UTs.

Kerala reported the maximum daily new cases numbering 3,423 in the last 24 hours. Maharashtra recorded 2,834 new cases while West Bengal reported 1,515 new cases yesterday.

Ten States/UTs account for 76.74% of the 301case fatalities reported in the past 24 hours.

18.27% of new fatalities reported are from Maharashtra which reported 55 deaths. West Bengal and Kerala follow with 41 and 27 new deaths, respectively.

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