Users can now live stream for up to 4 hours on Instagram

Instagram improves its live video experience, and today, it reported different little changes that will make streaming on the platform and saving those live videos simpler.

Instagram announced on Tuesday, it has extended the time limit for live streams from an hour to four hours. The change is worldwide and applies to all Instagram users.

When asked for the reason for this move, Instagram stated, it is helping creators – yoga teachers, musicians, artists, cooks, and so forth – to do longer sessions with their audience without being interrupted every hour. However, this might be accessible to accounts “in good standing,” with history IP or policy violations, Instagram said.

According to Instagram, it is likewise adding the option to archive live transmissions for up to 30 days.

“Now your live videos will be kept in your archive. Only you can see them. After your live videos end, they will be available in your archive for 30 days. You can download your live videos to your device or upload them to IGTV from your archive,” said a notice that will be shown to users on launch.

The organization additionally said that it will update the ‘Live Now’ section on IGTV and at the end of a live stream, with the idea of providing people with more content that may interest them, both from the makers they follow and those they don’t.

IGTV is a vertical video application launched by Instagram in June 2018. Basic functionality is also available within the Instagram app and website. IGTV allows uploads of up to 10 minutes in length with a file size of up to 650 MB, with verified and popular users allowed to upload videos of up to 60 minutes in length with a file size of up to 5.4 GB. The app automatically begins playing videos as soon as it is launched, which CEO Kevin Systrom contrasted to video hosts where one must first locate a video.

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