YouTube experiments by embedding shopping links inside videos

Video streaming platform YouTube is apparently experimenting with embedding shopXΩping links right inside videos for the benefit of sellers and viewers.

According to Mashable, the streaming platform already embeds links in the form of cards that lead viewers to other videos on YouTube. This feature is meant not only to increase engagement but also to keep them trapped in YouTube’s network. Now, the platform is reportedly toying with a different kind of link that will help viewers buy things instead.

Engadget reported that select YouTube videos will show a shopping bag icon on the bottom left corner of the screen and tapping it will list the items featured in the videos.


These can link either to related videos or, better yet, buy the items directly. Currently, the test is limited to creators included in a pilot program and only show up for US YouTube viewers on Web, Android, and iOS.

As per Mashable, the feature could actually prove to be useful and convenient, especially with the growing number of instructional videos on YouTube. Rather than having to scroll through the video description to hunt for links to mentioned ingredients or materials. Of course, YouTube is likely to benefit from such a system, monetarily or otherwise.

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