Amazon developing radar-equipped sleep apnea tracker

Amazon is developing a new Alexa-powered device that can track and monitor for signs of sleep apnea using radar

The Verge quoted a report by Business Insider as saying that the palm-sized device is reportedly designed to sit on a bedside table and use millimetre-wave radar to sense your breathing, keeping an eye out for interruptions associated with the apnea sleeping disorder.

Amazon‘s project is apparently being developed under the code name “Brahms” after the German composer of ‘Lullaby’ and is the work of an internal Amazon team built up over the past year. In its current form, the device reportedly resembles a “standing hexagonal pad connected to a metal wire base,” Business Insider noted.

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Along with sleep apnea, Amazon reportedly plans to use its machine-learning and cloud technology to understand other sleeping disorders beyond sleep apnea.

When contacted for comment, a spokesperson for Amazon told The Verge that the company does not comment or rumours and speculation.

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