Nikolai Snesarev appointed as a coach for the Indian athletics team

Nikolai Snesarev appointed as Indian athletics’ middle and long-distance coach

Government has approved the appointment of Belarussian coach Nikolai Snesarev as the middle and long-distance coach of the Indian athletics team.

The 72-year-old has been appointed till the end of September, a period which will coincide with the Tokyo Olympics scheduled to take place in July-August. He will be coaching 3000m steeplechaser Avinash Sable, who has already qualified for the Olympics, and other middle and long-distance runners, as they aim to qualify for the Olympic Games.

Athletics Federation of India president Adille Sumariwalla hailed the appointment of Snesarev and he hopes it will further improve the performances of Indian middle and long-distance runners.

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“Avinash Sable wants to train with Nikolai again and we hope this will help him improve further,” Sumariwalla said.

“Nikolai has had a good record with India and years of experience with our middle and long-distance runners. He has helped athletes like Lalita Babar who finished in top 10 in the steeplechase at the 2016 Olympic Games. He has good results with Sudha Singh as well as Sable who trained with him initially,” he added.

Snesarev has been associated with Indian athletics since his first engagement in 2005 and has coached a number of other Indian athletes like Preeja Sreedharan and Kavita Raut.

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