Underwriting Auction for sale of Government Securities for ₹ 30,000 cr on May 22, 2020

Government of India has announced the sale (issue/re-issue) of Government Stock detailed below through auctions to be held on May 22, 2020.

As per revised scheme of underwriting notified on November 14, 2007, the amounts of Minimum Underwriting Commitment (MUC) and the minimum bidding commitment under Additional Competitive Underwriting (ACU) for the underwriting auction, applicable to each Primary Dealer (PD), are as under:

(₹ in crore)
SecurityNotified AmountMinimum Underwriting Commitment (MUC) amount per PDMinimum bidding commitment per PD under ACU auction
5.09% GS 20223,0007272
5.79% GS 203018,000429429
GOI FRB 20314,0009696
7.19% GS 20605,000120120

The underwriting auction will be conducted through multiple price-based method on May 22, 2020 (Friday). PDs may submit their bids for ACU auction electronically through Core Banking Solution (E- Kuber) System between 09.00 A.M. and 09.30 A.M. on the date of underwriting auction.

The underwriting commission will be credited to the current account of the respective PDs with RBI on the date of issue of securities.

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