On Thursday (24.9.2020) a full scale mock drill in collaboration with NDRF was organized in Eastern Railway’s Malda Division.

As a part of the drill, it was reported that staff special train crashed near Malda station and about 20 passengers were seriously injured. Immediately a call was made to the Malda Rescue Team as well as to the NDRF team. The team of Malda Division and NDRF jointly started the work of evacuation and rescuing virtual passengers. In a joint operation of about two hours, 20 Nos. of virtual passengers were evacuated from the coaches and proper medical treatment was rendered to them. The seriously injured virtual passengers were sent to the Malda Railway Main Hospital.

In this joint mock drill the team of Malda Civil Defense and Malda Fire Brigade of Malda District participated. These people also took out the virtual passengers trapped in the coaches and practiced extinguishing the fire in the coaches. In this mock drill exercise two basic things were practiced (a) How to remove passengers stranded at different places in coaches by cutting those with modern equipment’s and (b) it was practiced with state-of-the-art equipment’s such as high capacity cutter, separator, plasma cutting etc.

In this joint drill, the Rescue Team of about 40 Nos. of NDRF personnel and 40 Nos. of staff of Divisional Disaster Rescue Team and 30 Nos. Civil Defense and Fire Brigade staff of Malda District Administration participated. The drill was conducted under the leadership of Shri Yatendra Kumar, Divisional Railway Manager, Eastern Railway, Malda.