In a  virtual meeting with Principal Head of Departments and DRMs, Shri Suneet Sharma, General Manager, Eastern Railway advised all concerned to increase the freight loading towards achieving a sustained growth in revenue. He instructed to all concerned to increase the average speed of freight trains, better track maintenance to suit the increase in sectional speed, improvement in goods sheds etc to facilitate the freight business.

 General Manager, Eastern Railway also advised to run more Parcel Express trains for swift transport of essential commodities which is the need of the time. Business Development Units (BDUs) to be more active towards induction of more freight customers and new variety of freight traffic. The mix of increased speed with additional variety of freight traffic will help in increasing the competitive ability as well as increase in freight revenue.

Above all, safety should be our prime concern, said GM/ER. He instructed everybody to increase safety inspections and leave no stone unturned to maintain utmost safety in train operations.