Indian Railway

GM/ER Laid Special Stress On Passenger Safety And Freight Loading

Shri Manoj Joshi GM, ER in a virtual meeting with the Principal Heads of Departments and Divisional Railway Managers ER Headquarters, Fairlie Place has given special stress o­n passenger safety.

He advised the concerned officials to conduct safety drives at regular intervals to ensure passenger safety. During present foggy weather, all concerned officers should be extra cautious and conduct special inspections to maintain the fitness of Railway track.

Shri Joshi instructed the concerned officials that drivers should be sensitized to run trains cautiously during foggy weather to ensure passenger safety. He emphasized o­n day inspections and night inspections during the winter season for proper maintenance of Railway track to ensure passenger safety and punctuality of train services.

Discussions were also held o­n elimination of Manned Level Crossing Gates with the construction of Road over Bridges (ROB) and Road under Bridges/Subways were feasible.

Shri Joshi laid emphasis o­n freight loading & maintenance of average of speed of the goods trains which has already been increased considerably. The speed of the goods train should be maintained and monitored at a higher level so that this Railway can transport commodities and other industrial inputs in different parts of the country faster. The concerned officers should be pro-active so that freight earnings are increased from the existing level.

Shri Joshi advised for proper maintenance of passenger amenities in trains as well as in station premises to ensure that the passengers can enjoy their journey & feel comfortable in Railway atmosphere.

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