CR Observes ‘Swachha Railgaadi-Swachha Pakhwada Day 6’

Clean trains as part of the 6th day of Swachhta Pakhawada being observed from 16.9.2020 to 30.9.2020.

All Divisions of Central Railway focused o­n intensive cleaning of trains at stations and sheds keeping up with Covid-19 protocol. Along with cleanliness of toilets availability of dustbins was also ensured in trains and the waste disposal therein.


Intense cleaning of trains carried out at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai. Further, trains were inspected by senior officials to check mainly cleanliness of toilets and sanitation. Cleaning of operational and special trains at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus was also done. Cleaning staff were also instructed to focus o­n intense cleaning of windows and wiping of glass panes. This was followed by sanitisation of entire train.


At Pune station intensive cleaning of Train No. 01249 Pune- Danapur express was done. The activities concentrated o­n cleaning of entire coach as well as toilets and wash basins. The coach was later sanitized.


On the 6th day of Swachhata pakhwara-2020, Stations at Nagpur division undertook intensive cleaning of trains giving special stress o­n cleanliness of toilets and garbage disposal taking due precautions for Covid-19. Trains that were thoroughly cleaned and simultaneously inspected & monitored by officers and supervisors at Nagpur. The inspection was followed by sanitization of all trains.


At Daund station in Solapur division cleaning and sanitization of Karnataka express was undertaken effectively o­n the event of Swachh Railgaadi of Swachhata Pakhwara. At Kalaburagi station cleaning of passing through trains done under the supervision of senior officials.


02110 Manmad – Mumbai Special was thoroughly cleaned by the cleaning staff with focus o­n toilets and wash basins and entire train sanitized. Train No. 02833 was thoroughly cleaned at Bhusaval station.

This press release is issued by the Public Relations Department, Central Railway, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Mumbai.