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Jaipur Fabric Skin-Friendly Bed Sheets for More Comfortable Rest

Amid the pandemic, Jaipur Fabric came up with skin-friendly bedsheets that make staying in bed more comfortable.

Jaipur Fabric introduces skin-friendly fabric for bed sheets to enable their customers to rest adequately every day. The organization realized that people spent numerous hours in their beds and that it is essential for people to use skin-friendly bed sheets. These sheets are manufactured and specially treated before they are printed for people to sleep on them without any skin irritation.

The company decided to develop such skin-friendly bed sheets due to the current state of the world. With Coronavirus running rampant, people are staying inside their houses more and spending more time resting on their bed. This led the firm to come up with this material that would make staying in bed for long periods more comfortable.

The CEO of Jaipur Fabric, Mr Jayant Maheshwari stated, “At a time when the world is in chaos, Jaipur Fabric wanted to give people a product that will help them relax and be comfortable in their houses. With our skin-friendly bedsheets now it will be easier to relax and spend time during the lockdown and other times.”

To produce such sheets, Jaipur Fabric uses anti-bacterial fabric. This fabric is created by a long process where it is soaked in hot water for 48-96 hours and treated with specialized natural ingredients before any printing work is done on it. These sheets can be used by people who have sensitive skin and have issues lying down in the bed for a longer period, especially due to Covid-19 situation. 

Jaipur Fabric Skin-Friendly Bed Sheets for More Comfortable Rest - Digpu News

According to the company, anyone can avail this bed sheet and use it in their residential place for relaxed living. Moreover, what makes these bed sheets unique apart from their skin-friendly feature are ample designs that are available for people to select from. Also, different materials’ skin-friendly bed sheets are also offered to customers who have certain demands or requirements when it comes to materials, thread counts, etc.

The Head of Finance & Planning, Ms Chhavi Maheshwari remarked, “During this Covid-19 situation we wanted to offer something extra to our customers. This led to our skin-friend sheets and by the looks of it, our clients love it. With already some of the designs out of stock, we think that this skin-friendly bedsheet type will help our company grow significantly.”

How the market responds to this product, only time can tell. However, for now, the initial sale of this bedsheet type seems to be going really well and looks like the company will acquire numerous achievements with their new product.

Jaipur Fabric is a pioneer seller of different types of bedsheets, table linens, quilts, sofa covers, apron, cushion covers, curtains and more. The firm provides a long list of products that are highly rated by their existing customers and is delivered to their doorstep at the earliest possible convenience.

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