Twitter is testing new e-commerce features

Twitter has now started testing its new e-commerce tweet layouts, with at least one user of its Android application in Qatar spotting the new format

According to Tech Crunch, Matt Navarra, who is a UK-based social media consultant first spotted this new change and shared images credited to Yasser Masood that contrasted the simpler existing “link” sharing card with the upgraded shopping card.

This new shopping cart, which takes up a little more space in the feed, is a big blue “Shop” button, presumably colour-customisable along with other profile features, extending further than the current design. The card also appears to display the price pulled from the product page.

As per Twitter, the test “is the first of many experiments in the Commerce space and [the company] will enrich the experience as we learn more.”
Mashable reported that Twitter is expanding features and format options for a number of different types of users.

This includes the introduction of Facebook-like business profiles with integrated maps and Super Follows, which will allow the users to charge their followers for exclusive content.

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