Spotify’s new update now allows users to share a specific part of podcasts

As per Mashable, Spotify said this will help users better visualize how the canvas will be presented on their social media profiles

Swedish audio streaming platform Spotify recently announced that it is making it easier for users to share their favorite track or podcast episode with friends through social media.

According to Mashable, the new updates in social sharing have been rolled out globally by Spotify for both iOS and Android users. The company announced the details of the new features on its blog post where it stated, “We’re constantly evolving the Spotify experience to meet listener needs and working to provide the best possible audio experience for listeners around the world.

These three updates make sharing music and podcasts easier than ever. “The first feature to be added is Podcast Timestamp that will let users share podcast episodes beginning at any particular moment that they want their friends to listen to. This way the user’s friends won’t have to listen to the whole podcast episode.

Spotify's new update now allows users to share a specific part of podcasts

Using this feature is super easy, all that needs to be done is tap the “share” button while listening to the episode, then use the “switch to share” feature at the current playtime. Another update is that Spotify’s Canvas feature turns static song pages into video-art showcases. This helps ramp up the overall music listening experience. Moreover, users can also share their favorite tracks with Canvas via Snapchat now in addition to Instagram.

Lastly, Spotify has also come out with an updated sharing menu on mobile with a clearer layout. It offers a clear preview to users around what they’re sharing along with an improved destination list.

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