Netflix’s new feature ‘Downloads For You’


Netflix has rolled out a new feature The new ‘Downloads for You’ feature will help users in situations where they find themselves stuck without Internet access or in a long commute.

According to Mashable, previously, the Smart Downloads feature on Netflix would automatically delete the episodes a user has watched and would download the next episode of the said TV series. However, this left Netflix movies without an automatic download feature.

Now, the new ‘Downloads For You’ new feature will allow users to automatically download Netflix episodes and movies in order to watch later. This feature is only available for the Netflix Android app for now and it is not known when iOS or iPadOS users will get the new feature. The ‘Downloads For You’ feature is an opt-in feature that can be turned on inside the Netflix app.


In order to activate, users need to launch the Netflix App the go to Downloads, post which they need to tap on the ‘Toggle Downloads For You’ potion and set the amount of storage space one wants to dedicate to downloads. Netflix said 3GB is enough for 12 movies and TV shows to Turn On.

As reported by Mashable, there is also an option of deactivating the ‘Downloads for You Feature’. The users can toggle the feature from the Downloads menu within the Android app. One can also change the amount of storage it takes up from Downloads and then tapping on the ‘Smart Downloads’ option in the app.


According to reports, the ‘Downloads For You’ feature is being tested for iOS. To give an estimate, Netflix’s Smart Downloads feature took nearly seven months to transition from Android to iOS.

“We want to make discovering your next new favourite series or film quick and easy whether you’re connected or not. Today we’re launching Downloads for You, a new feature that automatically downloads recommended shows or movies to your mobile device based on your tastes,” Netflix’s director of product innovation said in a blog post.