Lua Is The Online PDF Converter For All Your Files

Lua is the new PDF converter on the block providing hassle-free PDF conversion services online free of cost.

Lua is a PDF converter that makes it easy to change the different file formats into PDF documents. This is perhaps the reason why users prefer to use Lua PDF converters. We will discuss this online tool soon. First, let us address some crucial questions. Why do people prefer PDF files? Firstly, it is because it is easy to share documents in PDF. Secondly, it can be viewed in all the operating systems and devices, and nothing can limit PDFs. Thirdly, no formatting issues while viewing the document! Also, it looks professional, doesn’t it?

Why Use Lua?

The popularity of PDF is the reason behind many blooming software and websites that allow the users to convert their document into PDF. Even though there are many options available, the question is are they equally good? Well, no. Which PDF converter should you use? We will suggest you to use Lua PDF converter for converting small documents into PDF. Are you wondering why? We will tell you! Here’s the detailed review of Lua PDF Converter.

1. Layout Preservation

A good PDF converter ensures that the different l layout elements like figures, texts, charts, and fonts are preserved in the convert. Like a good PDF converter, Lua extracts the original document’s element and puts it into the PDF without changing the formatting and the layout.

2. Multiple Converting Formats Options

Lua provides users with a variety of converting options. It not only converts files of different formats into PDF but also, allows the users to convert the PDF into different file formats. Further, it will enable the users to merge and compress the PDF files. The following functions are available in Lua:

  • JPG to PDF
  • Word to PDF
  • Excel to PDF
  • PPT to PDF
  • PDF to PNG
  • PDF to JPG
  • PDF to Word
  • Merge PDF
  • Compress PDF

3. Fast Processing Speed

An efficient PDF converter is the one that can convert the files at a rocket speed. No one wants to wait for too long to get the desired result. The converting rate of a PDF converter depends upon:

  • The performance of the server
  • Internet speed
  • Size of the uploaded file

Lua doesn’t allow the users to upload files above 5 MB. Even though it looks like a disadvantage, it is a blessing in disguise. Because the file size that Lua deals with is small, the conversion process is much faster.

Further, Lua has successfully eliminated the use of unnecessary steps like clicking on “Convert” after uploading the documents. Lua automatically begins the conversion process after the uploading of files is completed, without wasting a second. Most of the conversion takes place within two minutes.

4. Security

An online PDF Converter is dependent on the internet server for converting the files. It is therefore important to ensure that the files are not leaked online anywhere. Lua converter saves your files from such leakages by deleting them from the server in three minutes after the conversion is done. Having said that, no information is available about the encryption it uses while uploading the files, which can be a corner for a few.

Lua Is The Online PDF Converter For All Your Files - Digpu News

5. Batch Conversion

Even though Lua PDF converter doesn’t allow multiple conversion of files at the same time, one can multitask by opening more than one Lua tab in the browser. You can then upload the documents in the different tab and begin the conversion of the files simultaneously.

6. System Compatibility

Lua PDF converter is an online PDF converter and therefore, system compatibility is not an issue for it. If you can open a web browser in your device, you will be able to use Lua PDF converter in it. You can use the Lua PDF converter for converting your documents from anywhere during any time.

7. User-Friendly Interface

Lua has a clean interface that is good to look at. Further, all the functions are clearly segregated in the homepage itself. The conversion of documents is pretty easy. All that one has to do is upload the files, and Lua will automatically complete the conversion. 

8. Price

Lua is available for free. Yes! You read that right. No matter which service you want to use on Lua, you can use it for free without spending a buck.

Lua PDF converter has easily passed all the parameters of a good PDF converter. If you want to convert a small file into PDF, then Lua PDF is the best online PDF converter tool available out there for free. The conversion rate is fast and it supports different file formats. What else can you ask for free?

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