Treasury Bills: Full Auction Result

Shri Natarajan Chandrasekaran re-nominated as part-time non-official Director on Central Board of Reserve Bank of India
Auction Results91 day182 day364 day
I.Notified Amount₹ 15000 Crore₹ 16000 Crore₹ 14000 Crore
II.Underwriting Notified Amount₹ 0 Crore₹ 0 Crore₹ 0 Crore
III.Competitive Bids Received   
(i) Number85134103
(ii) Amount₹ 70436.05 Crore₹ 56392.6 Crore₹ 49865 Crore
IV.Cut-off price / Yield99.2198.33396.7113
(YTM: 3.1939%)(YTM: 3.3998%)(YTM: 3.4099%)
V.Competitive Bids Accepted   
(i) Number30197
(ii) Amount₹ 14997.477 Crore₹ 15997.692 Crore₹ 13999.827 Crore
VI.Partial Allotment Percentage of Competitive Bids11.83%47.78%44.01%
(7 Bids)(1 Bids)(2 Bids)
VII.Weighted Average Price₹ 99.2402₹ 98.342₹ 96.724
(WAY: 3.0709%)(WAY: 3.3812%)(WAY: 3.3963%)
VIII.Non-Competitive Bids Received   
(i) Number421
(ii) Amount₹ 2042.823 Crore₹ 2.308 Crore₹ 0.173 Crore
IX.Non-Competitive Bids Accepted   
(i) Number421
(ii) Amount₹ 2042.823 Crore₹ 2.308 Crore₹ 0.173 Crore
(iii) Partial Allotment Percentage100% (0 Bids)100% (0 Bids)100% (0 Bids)
X.Amount of Underwriting accepted from primary dealers₹ 0 Crore₹ 0 Crore₹ 0 Crore
XI.Devolvement on Primary Dealers000

Ajit Prasad

Press Release : 2019-2020/2406

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