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Text of PM’s speech at the inauguration centenary year celebrations of Mathrubhumi

Managing Director of Mathrubhumi Shri. M.V. Shreyams Kumar Ji, The entire team and readers of Mathrubhumi, Distinguished guests,


I am glad to be addressing this programme to mark the centenary celebrations of Mathrubhumi. On this occasion, my greetings to those associated with this newspaper. I also recall the contributions of those who have previously worked in this media house. Several leading lights such as Shri K. P. Kesava Menon, K. A. Damodar Menon, Kerala Gandhi Shri K. Kelappan andKururNeelakantan Namboodiripad, have been associated with Mathrubhumi. I would like to remember M.P. Veerendra Kumar, who oversaw the rapid growth of Mathrubhumi. We will never forget his efforts to uphold India’s democratic ethos during the Emergency. He was a great orator, scholar and was passionate about the environment.


Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals, Mathrubhumi was born to strengthen India’s freedom struggle. Mathrubhumi is a key part of the glorious tradition of newspapers and journals founded all across India to unify the people of our nation against colonial rule. If we look back at our history, several greats have been associated with some of the other papers.  Lokmanya Tilak nurtured Kesari and Mahratta. Gopal Krishna Gokhale was associated with Hitavada. Prabuddha Bharat was associated with Swami Vivekananda. When we remember Mahatma Gandhi, we also remember his works in Young India, Navjivan and Harijan. Shyamji Krishna Varma edited The Indian Sociologist. I have just given a few examples. The list is endless.


If Mathrubhumi was born during India’s freedom movement, the centenary celebrations are taking place when India is marking Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. We did not have the opportunity to sacrifice our lives during the freedom struggle for Swarajya. However, this Amrit Kaal gives us the opportunity to work towards a strong, developed and inclusive India. For any nation to develop, making good policies is one aspect. But, to enable the policies to succeed and to ensure that large scale transformation takes place, active participation from all walks of society is needed. For that, the media plays a critical role. In the years gone by, I have seen the positive impact the media can play.

The example of the Swachh Bharat Mission is well known. Every media house took up this mission with great sincerity. Like-wise, the media has played a very encouraging role in popularising Yoga, fitness and BetiBachaoBetiPadhao. These are subjects beyond the domain of politics and political parties. They are about making a better nation in the coming years. In addition to this, there is more than can be done keeping in mind Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

These days we are seeing that people are highlighting lesser-known events of the freedom struggle and unsung freedom fighters. The media can be a great means to further amplify this. In the same way, every town or village has places associated with the freedom movement. Not much is known about them. We could highlight those places and encourage people to visit them. Can we encourage the upcoming writers from non-media backgrounds and give them a platform to showcase their writing skills?  One of India’s biggest strengths is its diversity. Can we think about making keywords of other languages popular through your media properties?


In today’s day and age, the world has many expectations from India. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our shores, it was speculated that India would not be able to manage things well. The people of India proved these critics wrong. We used the last two years to improve the health of our society and the health of our economy. For two years, 80 crore people got access to free ration. 180 crore doses of vaccines have been administered. In a time, when many nations are unable to overcome vaccine hesitancy, the people of India have shown the way. Powered by India’s talented youth, our nation is moving towards aatmnirbharta or self-reliance.

At the core of this principle is to make India an economic power-house that caters to domestic and global needs. Unprecedented reforms were brought in, which will boost economic progress. Production Linked Incentive Schemes were introduced in different sectors to encourage local enterprise. India’s start-up eco-system has never been more vibrant. Youngsters from tier-2, tier-3 towns and villages are doing excellent work. Today, India is leading the world in the field of technological advancement. In just the past 4 years, the number of UPI transactions have increased over 70 times. This shows the eagerness of our people to embrace positive changes.


We fully understand the importance of next-generation infrastructure. Rupees 110 Lakh crore are being spent on a National Infrastructure Pipeline. PM Gatishakti is going to make infra creation and governance more seamless. We are actively working to ensure every village of India has high-speed internet connectivity. The guiding principle of our efforts is to ensure the future generations lead a better lifestyle than the present ones.


Years ago, when Mahatma Gandhi visited Mathrubhumi he had said and I quote: Mathrubhumi is an institution that has stood firmly on its own feet. Only can a few newspapers in India do this. Hence amongst the newspapers of India, the Mathrubhumi has a unique position. Unquote. I am confident Mathrubhumi will live up to these words of Bapu. I once again congratulate Mathrubhumi for their centenary celebrations and convey my best wishes to the readers.

Thank You.

Jai Hind.


Disclaimer : This is an official press release by PIB.

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