PM bows to the Sea, Mother Nature

Narendra Modi Pens an emotional poem on Sagar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was at Mamallapuram, Chennai to head the 2nd India-China Informal Summit said the morning stroll along the beaches of Bay of Bengal had made him emotional and inspired him to pen a poem on the Sea and its virtues.

Titled Hey Sagar Tumhe Pranam, the poem details Prime Minister’s personal emotional connect with the Sea.

In a tweet on his personal handle @narendramodi the Prime Minister shared his poem with the public

Narendra Modi@narendramodi

कल महाबलीपुरम में सवेरे तट पर टहलते-टहलते सागर से संवाद करने में खो गया।

ये संवाद मेरा भाव-विश्व है।

इस संवाद भाव को शब्दबद्ध करके आपसे साझा कर रहा हूं-

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