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Total number of Registered Geographical Indications (GI) rise to 432

Famous Gamosa of Assam, Tandur Redgram of Telangana, RaktseyKarpo Apricot of Ladakh, and Alibag White Onion of Maharashtra get their Geographical Indications tags

India having a diverse culture is home to various arts and crafts mastered by many generations over the years. Adding to the present collection of Geographical Indications, 09 new items from various states of India such as Gamosa of Assam, Tandur Redgram of Telangana, RaktseyKarpo Apricot of Ladakh, Alibag White Onion of Maharashtra etc. have been given the coveted Geographical Indications Tags. With this, the total number of GI Tags in India comes to 432. The top 5 states holding the maximum number of GIs are Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.  

Several initiatives have been undertaken by DPIIT in collaboration with various stakeholders where exclusive GI products showcased Indian tradition, culture and enterprising activities under a single umbrella:

Geographical Indications Pavilion (Aahar 2022) at ITPO, New Delhi for five days (26th -30th April 2022), India GI fair (26th-28th Aug 2022) was organized at the India Expo Center and Mart, Greater Noida. A weekly GI Mahotsav was conducted (16th -21st October 2022) at the Trade Facilitation Center, Varanasi. An exclusive GI pavilion was set up at IITF 2022 which was organized by ITPO from 14th -27th November 2022 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Further, giving a boost to building up cross-cultural societies within the country, such activities will not only promote the transfer of diverse products amongst the states but will also contribute to building a better vibrant cultural society in the future.

Recently, the Govt. has supported the promotion of GIs by approving an expenditure of Rs. 75 Crores for 03 years for the promotion of awareness programmes.   

Disclaimer: This is an official press release by PIB.

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