Ranchi Airport contributes to the fight against Corona

Ranchi Airport contributes to the fight against Corona

Movement of medical essentials completed without delay in Ranchi Airport

Airports of the country are geared up to deal with the Corona pandemic and are making their humble contribution to fight against the disaster and support the country. Ranchi Airport is also facilitating the movement of medical equipment and materials such as oxygen tankers, oxygen concentrators, Nozzle, COVID-19 vaccine, injections, test kits, and medicines. It is also being ensured by the airport management that the movement of the essential materials is completed on priority without any delay.

The mission at Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi to overcome the oxygen crisis for the country started from April 24, and till 8th May 2021, a total of 139 oxygen tankers in 100 aircraft of the Indian Air Force have been transported. The Indian Air Force aircraft like C 17, C 130J, AN 32, IL 76, and other small aircraft have been helping in the transportation of essential material at regular intervals.

Further, Team Ranchi Airport is also following all the COVID-19 related guidelines and protocols as per the instructions of Central and State Governments. The Airport Management makes continuous requests to all the passengers, stakeholders, visitors, employees, etc. to always follow COVID’s appropriate behavior and maintain staggered timing to minimize crowding. It has been strictly advised to all present at the airport to wear masks and follow social distancing norms. Punitive provisions are also in place for those found violating the guidelines. 

Airports are displaying instructions through several electronic and permanent displays at the terminal to spread the message. The objective of this campaign is to generate awareness for encouraging COVID appropriate behavior, ensuring the safety of passengers.