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French film ‘Endless Summer Syndrome’ to have an Asian premiere tomorrow at 54th IFFI, Goa

The storyline centered on a matriarch impressed and made me choose the film : Associate Producer Lindsay Taylor Stewart

The cast and crew of the film ‘Endless Summer Syndrome interacted with the media and delegates at a press conference held at the 54th IFFI in Goa today. The French language film from the Czech Republic will have its Asian premiere tomorrow, 28th November at IFFI.

Briefing the media, Associate Producer Lindsay Taylor Stewart said, “The film is an homage to French cinema. Conveying Director Kaveh Daneshmand’s message she said that the Director desires that the audience should feel and experience the film, instead of the writer or the director giving their comments on this film.

Talking about the challenges in making the movie she said that the movie was created by an international cast and crew during the covid pandemic time.

In response to a question about her selection of the film, Associate Producer Lindsay Taylor Stewart said that she was impressed with the storyline which is centred on a matriarch.

The film follows a lawyer and mother of two whose idyllic family life in France unravels after receiving an ominous call about her husband’s fidelity. It is a film that questions family bonds and brings complexity and nuance to the family drama genre.  

Giving details about her experience and the essence women characters portray in the film, actor Frederika Milano said “The leading role in the movie is played by a woman and the film does not portray women like done in earlier times.”

French film ‘Endless Summer Syndrome’ to have an Asian premiere tomorrow at 54th IFFI, Goa
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Talking about the lead character Adia in the film she said that Adia is a strong, independent woman who manages the entire family on her own.

She further added that not just the cast, but the crew also had women in the majority and everyone had a strong voice in the decision-making process of the film. She expressed hope that the film Endless Summer Syndrome will inspire others to make more women-centric films.

Talking more about the film actor Sophie Colon said, “The movie has been written and collaborated to find dynamic complex ways to showcase women characters”.

The thriller movie is set to keep the audience at the edge of their seat and their minds racing with emotions running high as the film pushes the boundaries of modern society and questions family love. The 98-minute-long film, Endless Summer Syndrome will be screened under International Cinema, Cinema of the World section.

Cast & Crew

Director: Kaveh Daneshmand

Producer: Gem Deger, Kaveh Daneshmand, Cedric Larvoire, Eva Larvoire, Jordi Niubó, Lindsay Taylor Stewart (Associate producer)

Screenplay: Laurine Bauby, Kaveh Daneshmand, Gem Deger

DoP: Cédric Larvoire

Editor: François Del Ray, Pierrè Del Ray

Cast: Sophie Colon, Matheo Capelli, Gem Deger, Frédérika Milano, Roland Plantin

Watch the interaction here:

Disclaimer: This is an official press release by Pib.

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