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Secretary, Department of Fisheries, Dr Abhilaksh Likhi chairs a meeting to review the Saline Water Shrimp Aquaculture in the States of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh

Secretary, Department of Fisheries, Dr Abhilaksh Likhi chaired a meeting to review the saline water shrimp aquaculture in the States of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh through Video Conference yesterday.

During the meeting, DoF emphasised collaborative efforts from States, ICAR and other agencies to make strategies for utilising the potential saline land resources for aquaculture. It was highlighted that there is a need to tap the potential of saline land resources that are not suitable for agriculture, in these States, particularly in the identified 25 districts by adopting shrimp aquaculture to generate employment and livelihood; and to create awareness for shrimp consumption. All four States will ensure that project proposals for the development of their saline-affected areas are included suitably in the Annual Action Plan for the next year for requisite support under PMMSY.

It was agreed in the meeting that there are a number of challenges for saline land aquaculture in these States. To address these challenges, it is felt that an awareness campaign may be organised to promote Shrimp consumption in the northern part of the country with the help of ICAR, State Fisheries Departments and other agencies, to undertake survey of potential clusters and cultural areas in the identified 25 districts in these States.

Dr Abhilaksh Likhi chairs a meeting to review the Saline Water Shrimp Aquaculture
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With close collaboration between ICAR-CIFE Rohtak Centre and States Fisheries Departments, workshops and training programs may be organised at ICAR-CIFE Rohtak Centre and Chandghoti KVK in Rajasthan for farmers and entrepreneurs. It was also felt that a National Level Committee may be constituted to review the existing guidelines for the culture of white shrimp in freshwater/inland farms, prepare a roadmap for strengthening the existing facilities at ICAR-CIFE, Rohtak and also to prepare strategies for sustainable development of saline aquaculture in the north Indian States.

India is the 1st culture shrimp producer in the World. Shrimp contributes to more than 65% of the total seafood export of India in value terms. India has vast potential for brackish water aquaculture and also shrimp aquaculture in saline-affected areas.  About 1.2 million ha potential brackish water areas are there in India. Additionally, 1.24 million ha of salt-affected soils are available in coastal areas. As per the ICAR-CIBA report, about 8.62 million ha of inland saline soil is available in India but only 1.28 lakh ha area is under culture. The government aims to bring an additional 1 lakh ha area under aquaculture.

Saline-affected areas are not suitable for agriculture. However, there is huge potential to convert these saline-affected areas into aquaculture areas. Looking at the potential inland saline areas in the States of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and UP, the Department of Fisheries called for a review yesterday at the Secretary level. Shri Sagar Mehra, Joint Secretary, Department of Fisheries, Senior Officers and District Fisheries Officers from the above four State Governments, Dr J.K Jena, DDG (Fisheries Science), ICAR, Dr Ravi Shankar, Director, ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai, Dr Vasant Kripa, Secretary, Coastal Aquaculture Authority, Chennai, senior officers from DoF and scientists from ICAR also attended the meeting.

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