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DARPG releases the Annual NeSDA Way Forward Report for 2023 – Significant progress achieved in e-Services Delivery by States/ UTs

3 Regional Conferences organized on e-Governance in Bhopal, Mumbai and Guwahati

Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) has released the Annual NeSDA Way Forward Report 2023. The Report highlights the significant progress made by the States and UTs during the year under mandatory e-Services and total e-Services under the NeSDA Framework.

Towards the promotion of e-services, the Department organized three Regional Conferences at Bhopal, Mumbai and Guwahati, respectively, which were addressed by Dr Jitendra Singh, MoS (PP) and senior dignitaries of State Governments.

As per the latest figures, the States and UTs are providing a total of 16,487 e-Services in December 2023 as against 11,614 in April 2023. This significant jump has been achieved by persistent efforts of the State/ UT Governments, monthly meetings and reviews by DARPG, sharing and replication of best practices, and a detailed sector-wise focused analysis. It is noteworthy that the UT of Jammu and Kashmir tops the list of States/ UTs with a maximum number of 1,117 e-Services.

It is noticeable that currently a saturation level of 76% of possible mandatory e-services has been achieved by States and UTs, an increase from 69% under NeSDA 2021. A major objective of the NeSDA Way Forward was adoption of e-Service delivery through a Single Unified Portal by the respective States and UTs. Towards this end, the States of Kerala, Assam and Odisha, besides UT of Jammu and Kashmir, are providing hundred per cent e-Services through their respective unified portals. Other States / UTs have also made significant progress.

The Department has been disseminating the best practices across the States and UTs and attempting to promote faceless and suo moto entitlement-based delivery of services. During the year 2023 – between March to December – 9 NeSDA Way Forward monthly reports were published, covering 7 sectors and featuring 40 plus best practices.

The Department also engaged with RTS Commissioners / Appellate Officers to improve e-Services delivery. It also organized a Brain-Storming Session with Industry Leaders on the Theme of Emerging and Future e-governance Initiatives and Emerging Technologies.

Read the Annual Report here: https://darpg.gov.in/sites/default/files/NWF_Annual%20Report.pdf

Disclaimer: This is an official press release by Pib.

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