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CoE – SURVEI standardizes Drone images for land Survey

Setting World’s first standard on land survey using drones, the Ministry of Defense’s Centre of Excellence – Satellite and Unmanned Remote Vehicle Initiative (CoE – SURVEI)  has published a draft concept paper prescribing the technical parameters which may serve as a reference standard to estimate the image quality of drone survey output.  The COE-SURVEI has solicited comments from the stakeholders in this regard for laying down uniform standards to evaluate the quality of output of drone images for purpose of land survey.   

It may be recalled that no uniform parameters exist for the evaluation of images obtained by the use of drones for the purpose of land surveys at present.  This poses a challenge in carrying out post-processing analysis on the drone imagery output, restricting the ability to extract relevant information from drone data by using AI & ML tools.

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CoE – SURVEI, in association with its knowledge partners has taken a lead in developing draft standards for drone survey output and published the same for seeking views and wider consultations with the drone community and other stakeholders.  The draft standards prescribe 19 parameters to evaluate the quality of drone output and 8 extension metrics/ techniques to estimate image quality, apart from indicating sample benchmarking from literature.

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