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Railway Protection Force, Ticket Checking staff, GRP, MSF & Station Staff – The lifesavers of Mumbai Commuters

Covid or Non-Covid Times, Railway Protection Force personnel are always in the forefront and keep around the clock vigil in safeguarding not o­nly railway properties but also saves hundreds of lives of the Mumbai rail commuters

Central Railway Railway Protection Force personnel, Ticket Checking Staff, Maharashtra Security Personnel, Government Railway Police & Station Staff while being alert have saved 13 lives so far in 2020 and 21 valuable lives of men and women were saved in the year 2019, at times even risking their own life over Mumbai suburban system. Visuals of some of the life-saving incidences were very popular in Print & Electronic Media and spread viral o­n social media.

These soldiers of the Railway Protection Force face diverse security challenges such as crime against passengers and railway properties, extremist violence, obstruction to train movement due to agitations and flash protests by commuters, rescuing missing children, and seizing narcotics in trains and railway premises. Amidst all this, they keep a close watch o­n the safety of passengers.

The alert Railway Protection Force in most cases, saves the lives of passengers, who are sometimes negligent and face danger while boarding or alighting running trains, at times lives are saved while attempting suicide due to various personal reasons. But in the end, this act of saviors creates jubilation, happiness, and gratitude beyond words towards the RPF personnel.

In this year 2020, over the Mumbai Suburban network, thus far out of 13 lives saved, 6 cases were saved at Kalyan station, most of them were saved boarding or de-boarding the long-distance trains. Last year in 2019, out of 21 lives saved, 7 were saved at Dadar station and 2 each at Byculla, Kurla, Kalyan, and Karjat stations.

Recently o­n 27.11.2020, morning at 9.05 am, Assistant Inspector, RPF, Mr. Vijay Solanki while performing his duty at Kalyan Station saw a lady passenger, a resident of Kalyan, Mrs. Soni Govinda while trying to board a running train fallen between the train and the platform.

Alert inspector Mr. Solanki ran and immediately pulled her out, saving her from an imminent death o­n the tracks. Mrs. Soni was to travel to Bangaluru along with her husband and child.

In another incident, Lady RPF Assistant Inspector, Ms. Pinky Kumari while monitoring the passenger movement at Kalyan station Mumbai o­n 21.10.2020 saw a passenger trying to board a running train. Ms. Pinky tried to dissuade him from boarding the train but he leaped, lost balance, and fell in-between the train and the platform. Ms. Pinky with the help of another passenger pulled him out and saved his precious life.  

Every day, these brave soldiers contribute to the safety of the commuters, while there is no dearth of freak accidents, sometimes people are lucky enough to be surrounded by courageous soldiers of the Railway Protection Force. In a common man’s word, this Godly savior’s presence at the right time, vigilant & courageous act continue to save many lives every day.

This press release is issued by the Public Relations Department, Central Railway, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai.

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