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Kolkata, 28thSeptember, 2020:

Shri D B Kasar, IG-cum-Principal Chief Security Commissioner, South Eastern Railway held a Virtual Press Conference at its Headquarters, Garden Reach today (28.09.2020). During the Virtual Press Conference, Shri Kasar mentioned about “Operation My Saheli” and initiative for security and safety of lady passengers travelling by train for their entire journey from starting station to destination station.

IG-cum-Principal Chief Security Commissioner said that the objective of RPF in SER is to raise public awareness o­n the issue of women security and civic courage by involving the lady passengers in our efforts to provide them an environment in which women feel safe, secure and comfortable all along their journey.

This has been introduced as Pilot Project to achieve the aforesaid objective. Initially 03 trains starting from Howrah of SER have been taken under this Pilot Project. Howrah-Yesvantpur Duronto Special train has been taken as first pilot train from 18.09.2020 followed by Howrah-Ahmedabad Special o­n 20.09.2020 and Howrah-Mumbai Special o­n 21.09.2020.

IG-cum-Principal Chief Security Commissioner briefed young lady Sub Inspector teams about this operation. They interact with lady passengers in the train at starting station briefing them about all precautions and they are told to dial 182 or the Mobile number of Zonal Security Control or the mobile number of Operation My Saheli, if they face any problem or see any problem in their coach.

During interaction the lady Sub Inspector teams obtains the seat number/Mobile number of around 40 to 50 lady passengers generally from 24 coaches of the train to remain in touch throughout their journey.

The same is passed to all next scheduled stoppage stations and destination station with request to attend these coaches to physically verify, if any problem is being faced by any of the lady passengers of the subject train.

Further, security control of South Eastern Railway creates a Broadcast Group of the lady passengers of each pilot train and sends bulk messages to all these lady passengers at the start, mid journey and also before end of the journey to remain in regular contact as well as give a call randomly to these lady passengers to get update from the security point of view.

If scheduled stoppage stations are falling in night from 23:00 hrs.to06:00 hrs. RPF staff just remain present outside the train and if requires, he/she enters, and pass the train safely. At destination point, feedback is taken from lady passengers.


(i) As seen from pilot run of the aforesaid trains, it gives security in real sense to lady passengers from originating point to destination and prevents theft of their belongings, eve teasing etc.

(ii)Further these lady passengers also see if any other lady co passengers are facing any problem, so in a sense they act like Police Observer, as such we find them as Force Multipliers.

(iii) In case of any unseen event like dacoity, accident, agitations, holding of trains etc., these passengers can be contacted quickly and we can get a real picture of the situation and can help all passengers immediately for relief.

(iv)This is done under the framework of ‘Nirbhaya Fund’, so it does not involve any additional expenditure under the head of Railways.

(v) This has resulted in better and efficient utilization of manpower.

(vi) This is improving image of railways in the eyes of the public in a big way.

(vii) Despite of COVID, RPF staff working day and night by securing and interacting with railway passengers, thereby setting a good example, it is moral boost to RPF as well as railway and passengers in general.

Shri Kasar apprised the electronic and print media reporters about different cases. In fine, IG-cum-Principal Chief Security Commissioner thanked all representatives of different media and reporters for taking part in the Virtual Press Conference

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