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Eastern Railway To Run Special Train Between Sealdah And Lalgola

To clear the extra rush of the passengers during ensuing Gangasagar Mela, Eastern Railway will run a Special train between Sealdah & Lalgola stations.

03127 Sealdah –Lalgola special will leave Sealdah at 15:40 hrs daily from 07.01.2021 to 15.01.2021 ( 09 trips ) to reach Lalgola at 20:00 hrs o­n the same day and 03128 Lalgola-Sealdah special will leave Lalgola at 16:00 hrs daily from 08.01.2021 to 16.01.2021 ( 09 trips ) to reach Sealdah at 20:20 hrs o­n the same day.

The train will stop at Naihati, Ranaghat Jn., Krishnanagar City, Bethuadahari, Plassey, Beldanga, Berhampore Court, Murshidabad and Jiaganj  Stations in both directions en route.

Booking for the above special train will be available o­n & from 3.1.2021 for both ends. In addition to Express fare, ‘SPECIAL’ charge will be realized. Concessional booking is not allowed.

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