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22 Uttarakhand policewomen undergo training for Anti-Terrorism Squad

Group of 22 policewomen from undergoing training at the Police Training College in Narendra Nagar of Tehri Garhwal district to be part of ATS

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Rajiv Swarup Director of Police Training College told on Tuesday, “After the training, 22 policewomen will become part Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS). We have roped in Shifu Shaurya Bharadwaj for the training”. Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) is an elite anti-terror unit of state police.

“The training includes 22 women police personnel of different ranks from several districts. These commandos are being specially trained for counter-insurgency operations, counter-terrorist operations and urban warfare. The most important thing about the training is that we are working on tactics to react to different tense situations,” Swarup added.

22 Uttarakhand policewomen undergo training for Anti-Terrorism Squad - Digpu

Parvathi a trainee commando said, “The firing practice in the initial phase of the training was very tough for me. The trainer motivated and guided me which increased my confidence. My firing skills have improved a lot.

If possible I will also give defence training to women to protect themselves.”
She also expressed her gratitude to the Chief Minister of the State and Director General of Police (DGP) for the opportunity.

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