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Paving the path for Antyodaya of COVID-19 Vaccination: Quantitative Restriction on Export of Syringes Put in Place

Restriction applies to just 3 categories of syringes for 3 months

The Domestic Vaccine Manufacturers and Manufacturers of Syringes have played an important and critical role in the effective implementation of the World’s largest COVID Vaccination Program in India. India has so far administered nearly 94 Crore Vaccine doses and is nearing the 100 Crore doses administration mark. With a firm political commitment to vaccinate India’s last citizen, fulfilling the philosophy of ‘Antyodaya’ espoused by Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay, the Government has put in place a quantitative restriction on the export of syringes to boost their domestic availability and uptake.

Syringes are vital to sustaining the momentum of the program to vaccinate all eligible Citizens in the shortest possible time. With a view to ensure adequate availability of the syringes, used to administer the vaccine, the Government of India has enacted this quantitative restriction on the export of the following denominations of the hypodermic only: –

• 0.5 ml/ 1ml AD (auto-disable) syringes.

• 0.5 ml/1 ml/2 ml/3 ml disposable syringes.

• 1ml/2 ml/3 ml RUP (re-use prevention) syringes.

It is also clarified that it is not an Export ban on any kind/Type of Syringes, it is the only quantitative restriction on the export of certain types of specified syringes, for a limited duration of 3 months. Further, the hypodermic of denominations and types other than those mentioned above are not covered under Quantitative Restriction.

Dislciamer : This is an official press release by PIB.

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