MX Takatak Star and Fame House Participant Ridhima Jain says people are recognising her from MX Takatak

We caught up with Riddhima Jain to find out what her experience has been like at the MX TakaTak Fame House. Find out what she has to say.

Digital content creators are the new stars in the making, who keep us entertained on our digital journeys as we scroll down for easier to watch, relatable content. Riddhima Jain is a hobby dancer with a huge fan-following on MX TakaTak – a short video platform that enables its fast-growing community of content creators to nurture their talent of creating videos, connecting you to the right audiences thereafter.

We caught up with the rising star to find out what her experience has been like at the MX TakaTak Fame House – a unique reality show that will see some of India’s top influencers come together under one roof for 7 days in the ultimate race for fame.

A one-stop destination for drama, fun, and hype, these 18 influencers will collaborate and create short video content to win the battle of Fame and walk away with millions of more followers.

Here are some excerpts from our conversation with MX Takatak Fame Ridhima Jain.

Your forte is dance, how did you think of showcasing your talent on Social Media? What has the journey been like?

I have not done any course in dancing like Bollywood or hip-hop, so not really learnt dance professionally, but I have been passionate about dancing since I childhood. I started dancing around the age of 9 or 10. Initially, dance was just as a hobby but then I realised I can make a career out of it and that is when I became more serious about it. Post which I started teaching students and learning new forms of dance.

Can you share your experience of being a part of the Fame House with us? 

Fame house has been a life-changing experience for me. I had never interacted with so many influencers or top creators prior to this, so I was very nervous when I entered, but it turned out to be a fabulous experience.

Did your followers increase after your stint at the Fame House? By how much did it grow?

Oh, I benefitted a lot from the show. My followers were just 4-5K when I started this journey but by the time I finished it, they were 70K on Instagram and had grown from 737K to 1.5M on MX TakaTak. So, the show really impacted me. I was amongst the least famous of all the participants, so it was really a great opportunity for me.

Did you get endorsements post the show? If, yes, which brands have approached you?

No brands have approached me yet, but I have received orders for a lot of music campaigns for which I have to soon work on and provide reels.

MX Takatak has taken the initiative to make a star out of you? What do you think about it? 

For me whatever has happened has happened just because of MX. People have started recognising me post my joining MX TakaTak. Prior to that, I have been struggling for around three years. I was on Tiktok but I did not have the kind of following that I got on TakaTak. It turned me into a star and made me pretty famous.

Did you learn any new skills at the Fame House or do you think your original skills were enhanced? Did you get to learn anything new from anyone?

Everybody had a different forte and talent at Fame House. Some people were famous for their acting skills, someone was famous for making couple videos, some others for making concept videos. I used to just create and post dance videos prior to participating in Fame House, but after this experience, I have now started making and posting acting videos and concept videos too, so it has enriched my portfolio largely.

Any Fan /Follower moment post Fame House you would like to share?

In Fame House I was mostly the silent observer, so I got a lot of DMs from unknown people saying I am filled with positivity and good vibes, after the show went live yesterday. I thought people might prefer interactive people, but even I am being appreciated a lot.

Did you make any friends /enemies at the Fame House?

I made a lot for friends there. I got particularly close to Shalvi, Kanishka and the Rush twins.

What was your most memorable moment at the Fame House?

My most pleasant memory was at the beach. We were locked inside the villa for around 3 days shooting continuously and we were all tired and dying to get out. So, when we were let loose on the beach, we really had a blast.

What was the one thing you liked most about Fame House?

I don’t think any other App has ever conceptualised anything like this before. Tiktok used to just do meet & greets, but the idea of Fame House was very different… to put all influencers under one roof for 7 days, was a brilliant initiative that MX TakaTak took. I was a fresher when I entered the show, and where I stand today, I have covered a lot of distance and it has been a life-changing experience for me. 

Witness her journey in one of the biggest races for recognition with an MX Exclusive Series –  MX TakaTak Fame House Season 1.

Watch the show now – https://bit.ly/FameHouseOnMXPlayer

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