Remembering Dev Anand In and As Guide: The Smooth Transition Of Love and Life

Remembering Dev Anand In and As Guide: The Smooth Transition Of Love and Life

Dev Anand is a celebration in himself. The only way to remember him is to celebrate life with the same energy and positivity as this legend.

Dev Anand, the legend who has conflicted every thought that you could ever have had, the persona of glamour and a powerhouse of energy. Remembering him on his 97th Birth Anniversary, we recollect his thoughts on this day.

In a 2008 interview, Anand says that he had a style and intellect but no muscle. The icon says that his intellect sharpened over time. Anand said that he only focussed on making more and more movies, nothing else.

In an interview, Dev Anand, our very own Raju Guide, opened up about his looks in the movie Guide. He says,” Kuch main tha, Kuch main nahi tha, Kuch maine apne aap ko dekha us roop main – to ek huliya bana liya guide ka. (Some part of Raju Guide was who I am, some of it was not me and some part was derived from my imagination of who I would be as a guide.)”

Guide – A Futuristic Movie And A Revolution

Guide was a futuristic movie for many reasons. Adapted from R K Narayan’s writing, it had a glimpse of the coming times – of love, fancy, emotions, wrath and despair. One could never have understood the meaning it would hold in the coming times. It was enacted so beautifully that no one could ever have done more justice to it.

The 1966 movie Guide is relatable even now, almost 54 years later, that is the power of the film. It was premiered in the Classic Section of Cannes Film Festival. A very modern picturization, brilliant use of colours, themes, music and lyrics – one would say. Dev Anand said, “Yes, it was a modern film for its time. Some people even thought it was way too adult to be featured. Someone wrote to the Censor Office to stop the release for they felt it was an adult movie. Everyone knows that it was the first Indian colour film and a revolution in itself.”

Challenging Characters And Roles

Speaking of his saint image in the movie, “Some people would say that my romantic image and film career would die with the death of my character in the movie Guide. I played a saint and the movie ended at an unanticipated note. I took these things as a challenge and I feel challenges lead a person slowly towards the path of success.”

Anand had a definitive way of walking and standing. He once opened up about his style, “Yes, I stoop a little and I never really considered myself to be a hero or a good-looking person. Well, beauty is subjective. There is no one definition to it. Also, when my first film was a hit, I was really happy.”

Dev Anand’s Definition Of Beauty

He further opines,” Kon sabse zyada khoobsurat hai, kon sabse zyada ugly hai. Saare hi khoobsurat hain. Jawaani hi sabse zyada khoobsurat hai, dekha jaye to.” (Who is the most beautiful or the ugliest? Everyone is beautiful. I believe youth is the most beautiful phase of life.)

About films as a career, Anand says,” Three generations have seen me and appreciated me. Many intellectuals, knowledgeable people and all of my audiences have loved my characters. My fans meet me and look at me with the love in their eyes, I wonder what did I do to deserve that. I understand that they are looking at an image of the Dev Anand that they have seen. That’s what makes them speak to me and love me.”

Love And Life In The Eyes Of Dev Anand

His definition of love was heartfelt. Putting it simply, he said,” There is no one who would not love a beautiful man/woman. There is no shame in saying that I have loved someone. Love is beautiful. Why should I be ashamed of it?”

The legend came to Mumbai with just 30 rupees and created a name for himself. We end this ode to Dev Anand with one of his most humble statement – “Mujhe koi complex nahi hai. Agar mere pass gaadi na ho to main taxi main bhi aa sakta hun. Lambi gaadiyan boht dekh li bhaiya, ye sab khokli baatein hain ultimately.” (I don’t feel any complex about cars or luxury. I have seen many things in life. All these expensive cars are merely mundane things.)

One can never know enough about this man for he has been a mystic in real. Thank you for your presence, Dev Sahab!

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