Is TV advertising still worth it?

LD Sharma of Mayhigh Films decodes the enigma in the premise of the current digital landscape.

The world of advertising has changed drastically over a few decades. With the proliferation of digital media, the traditional way of advertising has taken a backseat. But one medium that still stands out in this digital age is TV.

“Creative TV Advertising with strategized media planning/buying combined with optimized digital marketing is what makes your product/company the ‘Brand’.” Says L . D. Sharma, Co-Founder & MD, Mayhigh Films.

Mayhigh Films focuses on all the aspects of creative TV advertising and affective media planning & buying so that a potential brand get its prominent identity which is any way our ultimate mission”, Sharma added.

Employing his skills & expertise he threw the light on decoding the enigma of TV Advertising vs. Digital. According to L D Sharma, TV advertising outperforms other mediums due to these reasons:

1. Provides unbeatable mass coverage

Indian television advertising market has been growing due to consistent economic growth, significant rise in the number of multinationals/SMEs, and increasing purchasing power of the Indian middle-class. Studies show TV advertising influences nearly 90 percent of consumer’s buying decisions.

TV commercial builds a humongous scale and reaches very quickly and powerfully. The biggest brands know that TV reaches more people faster, generates the highest ROI, and grabs eyeballs like no other, which translates directly into sales.

2. TV combines beautifully with digital media

TV advertising establishes your brand while digital marketing enhances your online presence and together they help in building your brand value, creating your brand awareness and increasing visibility to your products/services. Brands using TV see instantaneous positive business outcomes, such as a noticeable spike in website traffic, search volume, and revenue growth.

3. Not as expensive as perceived to be

TV Advertising has two major costs – Making of the advert and Placing the finished ad on TV. With increasing technological advancements, the costs of making an ad have fallen remarkably. Also, there are a plethora of channels available for an advertiser to choose from.

Geo-targeting helps advertisers target special geographies, but also saves brands money as it results in efficient buying of commercial airtime. TV advertising has now become more efficient, contemporary, and cheaper.

4. TV ads have high trust value and premium brand perception

TV advertisements go through stringent checks which assures the viewers that the brands have been thoroughly scrutinised and are safe. Due to these regulations, they build strong credibility and premium perception for brands advertising on TV. Facebook and YouTube Ads despite focused approach and personalization are still perceived as less creditworthy.

5. TV Campaign Cost can be customized

Costs are determined by the number of viewers, how much in demand the programming is, and the duration of the campaign. So, there is room for everyone regardless of budget. Cost variation depends on

  • Seasonality: Cost varies by month, season, and occasion. Summer is cheaper than in autumn.
  • Advertiser Demand: Certain programs have higher demand because of viewership than others. Advert in IPL match costs a bomb than a regular advert.
  • Duration of the ad: For shorter or longer duration cost varies accordingly.
  • Time of the Day: Some part of the day is more expensive than others. 8-10 PM is prime time as most Indian viewers tune in.

6. Measure The Effectiveness:

With the right analytical and tracking tools, it is easy to monitor spikes in traffic and measure the impact of your ad optimally to make adjustments in your next campaign.

TV advertising accounts for a majority chunk of marketing sales conversion. It is no longer a luxury for a brand with exorbitant budgets. With optimum planning and combined approach with other marketing mediums, it can be a very effective channel for your business.

Sharma also laid emphasis on choosing the best media agency for releasing TV Advertisements on various channels. He says, “Understanding the fine distinctions of paid media is challenging for most business owners. Here, the media agency plays a crucial role. Professional media buyers know the best market practices, pricing, and cost per thousand impressions. No individual client can match the buying power of an agency.  An agency can leverage the collective budgets of all their clients to benefit individual client which leads to individual brands have better campaign costs and ad positioning.”

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