Acing online schooling, Khaitan Public School is supercharging children’s thinking

Online Schooling at KPS the vision is to impart quality education that stays with you forever in terms of character development and learning through personal experiences.

When it comes to setting a world-class example of quality and innovative education, Khaitan Public School basks in the limelight. The facts are in favor too. With more than 20 years of experience and 3000 students under its aegis, it has managed to win numerous hearts by staying at #2 among the best schools in Ghaziabad.

KPS has successfully built a reputation among its stockholders for being a leader in quality education, making students its priority & inculcating the trait of critical thinking in them.

Forward-looking Vision:

‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school’ and that is what learning at KPS is all about. With the vision to impart quality education that stays with you forever in terms of character development and learning through personal experiences, the school has always given priority to quality over quantity. The same is exhibited by its alumni, who are making their mark in reputable educational institutions across the country by faring well in competitive exams like JEE, NEET, KVPY, JIPMER etc.

Khaitan Public School

Equal attention is given to sports, music, arts, dance and other co-curricular activities because they play a vital role in the overall development of a student’s mind, body and soul. With a state-of-the-art sports complex measuring 7.5 acres that is equipped with international standard equipment, the school makes it easier for students to explore different sports.

Groundbreaking Infrastructure:

The infrastructure in the three-acre school campus is one of the key reasons. KPS is a digital hub of automated processes for all administrative and academic processes.

Khaitan Public School

A welcoming environment with world-class faculty and high-end equipment is bolstered by a green campus that includes a solar power plant, water and waste management systems.

Maintaining International Standards:

Model United Nations at KPS: An MUN is helpful for students in more than one way. Model UN helps them become confident and develop leadership skills and works as an opportunity to practice public speaking, research, negotiation, teamwork in a safe and structured environment. KPS holds the ‘Thinker’s Conclave’ each year, which is modelled on the same format but touches on topics of immediate interest and concern.

TEDxKhaitanPublicSchool: Tedx is not just a motivational speaking conference as it has many other beneficial purposes like character development and teaching students the importance of hard work in life. Keeping that in mind, KPS is among top schools in Ghaziabad that organizes this event every year. They invite influential speakers from all arenas of life so as to create a full circle educational experience for the students.

Khaitan Public School

Literacy and Numeracy:

Literacy and numeracy refer to building adequate numeracy and literacy skills during the foundational age of school children. Focus is given on the first 5 years of education up to class 2. Majority of brain development happens during this time so it is important for your children to develop necessary literacy skills for better cognitive abilities. The NEP 2020 has given a great emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy activities. KPS understands that and has been a frontrunner in the two skills since the year 2015.

COVID Preparedness and Online Education:

With the shift in the current educational system due to an ongoing pandemic Covid-19, a lot has changed in the world. One sector that was hugely affected was education, so institutions had to come up with solutions to handle the situation in a better way. How KPS has been managing it successfully?

They have set instructions in place to avoid the spread of infections and have a team of medical staff ready if there are any issues on campus. All the students and parents are being informed regularly about their children’s daily progress and teachers are working hard every day to take online classes. KPS has issued guidelines for all the parents and students so as to handle the situation in an informed way.

Student First… Always!

The philosophy of ‘Student First’ makes their mission to put quality over anything else a success. The faculty has been working hard to develop empathy and inclusivity in its learners since the day of inception. They encourage a culture of thinking and learning so that they can create an impact in nation building by nurturing flourishing minds. There is much that sets KPS apart from other schools in the region.

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