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Sachin Mathur is truly a role model for Indian youth

Know about his extraordinary journey!

Sachin Mathur, after pursuing his post-graduation in management, had a choice to continue his family business, family with great political legacy, but he left home to prove himself and joined corporate. After having worked for 13 years with corporates like Zee Network, CNBC TV 18, Reliance and Tata, he exhibited all his energy in the marketing field and was on high of his career.

He quit his sparkling career to own the responsibility of 56-year-old educational institute, Lachoo Memorial College of Science & Technology situated in the city of Western Rajasthan, Jodhpur. The college was established by great freedom fighter, Gandhian, Cabinet Minister for several years in Rajasthan and his grandfather Shri. Mathura Das Mathur.

After his active involvement in Lachoo College, it was never easy to shift his focus from marketing to learning insights of how educational institutes are run. But, his motivation towards giving back to the society was nonpareil. He knew that the Marwari community holds businesses all over the globe and the Marwar region gives to the world, a large number of CAs.

Taking note of the fact that students were forced to NCR or down south for their management courses, Mathur started the commerce and management courses to help the students get a quality education. That being said, it was never easy all stakeholders for starting commerce and management courses in a science college. This vital decision was proved a success when it benefitted the regional students since the Marwari families would be hesitant to send their girls outstation to pursue such courses.

He then organized the structure and under his leadership, Lachoo College is only standalone Higher Education Institute situated in sands of Thar recognized as ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ by UGC, Ministry of Human Resource Development; Accredited by NAAC-UGC with ‘A’ Grade. The Government of Rajasthan declared it as ‘Model College’ in the state. Furthermore, the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India identified this college as a research potential centre for the flora and fauna of the desert area and established Bioinformatics Center and selected the college under its ‘Star College Scheme’.

His exemplary work was appreciated by the professionals around and was appointed as Vice President of ‘All India Professional Congress’ for the state of Rajasthan. He used this forum to serve the society by organizing blood donation camp, health camps, public health awareness in slums and calling experts like ‘Waterman of India’ Rajendra Prasad, Water conservationist to make people aware importance of water conservation in Rajasthan.

Sachin Mathur definitely paved the path as a role model for young generations in India where family-run philanthropic institutes are lacking the contemporary changes going worldwide.

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