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SIBM Pune planning to impart life skills needed for survival

The COVID-19 Lockdown makes SIBM Pune keen on planning and imparting life skills which future managers may need in order to survive during a pandemic.

The COVID-19 times has made social distancing more of a necessity to live, than an option to choose. This has made many, especially the millennial bachelors and spinsters who stay alone in their apartment – to learn several life skills- which includes cooking.  Many of them are forced to learn, as the current scenario has made them say no to their domestic help and domestic cooks. 

Although fast food and snacks help them live
for a while, many online challenges in social media asking one and all to post
pictures with food that they have cooked have been making rounds. Post
millennials (born on or after 1997 till date) are trying their Photoshop skills
to post their pictures with self-cooked food. 

The current COVID situation with Indian and global lockdown has forced many youngsters to try cooking rice, roti dal and even exotic veg and nonveg curry. Although none will know about the taste of the food that is being cooked by the young engineers and managers, their photo editing skills are certainly evident as they post the pictures on social media platforms.

Education News Digpu - SIBM Pune planning to impart life skills needed for survival

The fact today is that many post-millennials are taking the help of YouTube or talking to their friends and family and understand how to cook food to survive. The lifestyle of post-millennials is completely different when compared to baby boomers, generation-x or even the millennials. This has made even the B School (SIBM Pune) think and act so that they can impart such life skills in the future managers who will need different skill sets to survive.

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune (SIBM Pune) has decided to offer workshops/practical sessions on cooking for all their MBA and MBA(I&E) and MBA(L&S) students. As a part of the induction of the postgraduate management programme the students will be taught on – How to cook rice (with and without the help of a pressure cooker), How to a plain dal (with and without the help of a pressure cooker), How to make chapatis / Rotis, How to prepare a simple plain dry curry, and How to prepare a gravy curry.

Speaking on this the Director of SIBM Pune and the Dean of Faculty of Management, Symbiosis International University, Dr Ramakrishnan Raman stated ‘We felt that cooking is a basic life skill and it is never too late to learn! While our postgraduate management students are taught management concepts needed for the corporate world, we felt that making them learn ‘basic cooking’ is vital for them to survive in the future’

To offer this life skill, SIBM Pune plans to
collaborate with a sister institution, Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts (SSLA)
which is also a constituent of Symbiosis International University.

Chef Atul A Gokhale is the Director, Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts, Symbiosis International (Deemed University), Pune. Chef Atul says, “It is commendable of SIBM Pune, as they plan to get their management students to learn these basic life skills – in this case, cooking! It’s a wonderful initiative. Today many millennials and post-millennials struggle on basic cooking, SSLA will collaborate with SIBM Pune and equip the basic cooking skills to the future managers.”

While work from home and focusing on technology is being focused by many, there are B Schools like SIBM Pune which are thinking beyond and are planning for life skills needed for survival in the future.

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