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Kashmir – People celebrate as their village gets electricity first time since 1947

Srinagar, India, June 28, 2019 —

A remote village in south Kashmir is in celebration and they credit local Power Development Department (PDD) for their joy. The celebration is obvious as the villagers have seen electricity in their homes for the first time since decades.

Marhama Dadoo village in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir has been provided electricity by the State-run PDD and the villagers especially women expressed their happiness by singing traditional folk songs.

“This village was in total darkness as far as electricity is concerned. We had no electricity since decades. Infact, since 1947, we had no facility of electricity,” says a local resident.

He says, “We are thankful to the PDD for inaugurating this project and providing us the much needed electricity without which life seems impossible nowadays.”

“We feel delighted as we have been living in darkness for all these years now. To witness electricity lighting our homes is like a dream come true. We know its value and express gratitude to the PDD,” says a local woman.

Mohammad Yousuf, posted as AEE in the local PDD, says, “This development in the area comes under Centrally sponsored schemes.”

“Three Mohallas inhabiting the area have been benefitted and all of them are celebrating now,” he says with a smile on his face.

He adds, “We installed nearly 250 utility poles among other things including transformers et cetera while taking physical features of the area into consideration in order to avoid any damages to the transmission line.

The light of electric bulbs brings a sparkling smile on the faces of people in this village and it is really a moment of pride for the local PDD which, otherwise, is always criticized for its alleged inefficiency.

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