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How Nabhi Sutra is unraveling the hidden remedial technique by Ayurveda, via navel

Swati Vakharia, Founder, Nabhi Sutra

January 17, 2020, New Delhi, India–

Since ancient time’s people have been using homemade and
several other natural techniques to cure their health issues. In the time of
advancement in the technology we people are too much relying over instant solutions
and that in some way is harmful to our health and those solutions have harmful
effects on our bodies over a period of time.

There was a time when the grandmothers or great grandmothers
used to treat stomach aches by applying asofidita (hang) to belly button? It
worked, right!? That was not a fluke there is an age old science to it. This is
exactly what Nabhi Sutra is all about. Nabhi Sutra revives this hidden
ayurvedic concept of healing through Nabhi (Navel). It is India’s first brand
to offer blend of Ayurvedic Oils for our well- being, Launched on 2nd
September 2019 at cultural city of India, Vadodara.

Ayurveda has been the solutions to almost all our health
issues and in some years probably Ayurveda will have solutions to all our
health issues. Nabhi Sutra understands this importance of our navel. It has
curated products from pure essential therapeutic oil, cold pressed oil and Ayurveda
siddha oil; and provides one step solution for the problems by putting into
healthcare, hair care, skin care, Brain Development, Menstrual pain Relief and
Joint pain relief.

Nabhi Sutra, therapeutic oil

On the occasion of the launch, Swati Vakharia, Founder, Nabhi
Sutra shared “As per Ayurveda, it is believed that our complete consciousness
is in our umbilicus (Navel). The navel
contains DNA of the soul and hence to open the path of transformation and
healing, it is important to regain your consciousness through the roots. Due to
unhealthy lifestyle, our body produces a lot of toxins. Nabhi has the power to
fortify and activate body’s inner power to heal and recover the internal
harmony lost due to toxins accumulated in the body”

She, further, states “I have used this technique personally
and have seen great results. To witness the results, all you have to do is
apply 2-3 drops of required Nabhi Sutra oil in your belly button before going
to bed and allow it to penetrate the navel by massaging it in a circular
clockwise motion. You will be able to spot the difference in a period of 21
days by using it on a continuous basis. Ayurveda depicts our belly button as
the source of our complete consciousness. Puranas title our navel as our second

A baby in the womb is provided for through navel. Everything
a fetus needs to become healthy baby is supplied through navel. This ascertains
the role of our navel for our better health. The ‘pechoti’ situated behind the belly button is crowded with 72,000
veins that are connected to the different parts of the body. As per the
research, the belly button is the source of 1/3rd of blood, 90% of happy hormone
– serotonin and 50% of the joy hormone – dopamine. Navel not only (lubricates) (supplies
oil to) Navel plays a key role in achieving balance with your hormones. Switch
to the 100% pure & natural Nabhi Sutra and use the second brain of the body
to its fullest capacity. It is advised to use only 1 oil at a time. After you
have used one oil for a while and have seen the positive results then you can
start using the 2nd oil. Wait for a few weeks to see the results of these
Ayurveda based oils.

Hence Ayurveda is the future and the most natural ways to
treat one’s health problems.

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