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Fabriclore Collaborates With Hatheli Sansthan – Empowering More Than 350 Women Artisans in Rajasthan

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, February 24, 2019,/Press Release/–– 

The Indian Hand-made products are not only venerated in our country but across the globe, which wouldn’t have been possible without our gifted pool of artisan communities spread across 29 states and the 7 union territories. With each state having their own cultural legacy of art and craft, the diaspora of Indian Handloom and hand-made goods across the Indian soil is so enormous, that a lot of them until the date is rationed to small village fests, souvenir shops and local streets only.

“We believe it is the responsibility of the e-commerce industry to support the artisans and weavers across the country and help them adapt to the changing environment, become self-sufficient, and encourage their younger generations to not let the tradition of hand-made goods perish. With the vision of empowering artisans, Fabriclore.com is happy to join hands with HatheliSanthan, an offshoot of Barefoot College located in Tilonia, Rajasthan, empowering 384 artisans, out of which 354 are women and 30 men residing in parts of Tilonia, ChotaNarena, Kotri, Bagru and Barmer, Rajasthan,” – says Sandeep Sharma, Founder, Fabriclore.com.

With making their ground strong in helping the communities develop new design, and global representation over the past two years, Fabriclore.com is now expanding their yarns of love to artisans who are tirelessly working towards sustainability and social empowerment, not just preserving the age-old Indian art and culture but rather giving modern flavour to traditional designs. At Fabriclore, along with 20+ textile crafts like Ajrak, Kalamkari, Shibori, Ikat, Tie & Dye to name a few, 10+ Silks including Chanderi, Tussar, Banarasi, Raw Silk & more, artisanal dupattas, stoles & unstitched suits you will now see an all-new range of 100% hand-made home furnishing, décor and accessories, crafted by the people of the soil.

“Our idea behind supporting these artisans is not limited to empowering them but also to encourage people to adopt a hand-made lifestyle. There was a time when right from eatables & apparels to home décor & furnishing, everything had hints of handmade, we are trying to revive that culture & create a more sustainable environment. We believe as important it is to stay well-versed with the changing environment, it is way more important to find a mid-way and not let the hand-made tradition conk out,” – says Anupam Arya, Co-founder, Fabriclore.com.

Design Philosophy

With no professional training or knowledge, these artisans of Hatheli Sansthan take inspiration from the modern-day utility products and try to improvise their own designs. For motifs, they take cues from the village landscape which includes the daily routine, flora & fauna spread across the land of colours, Rajasthan. From Tree of Life & King & Queen Applique to Peacock and Floral patchwork bedsheets, from the timeless craft of Gudadi& hand-glove puppets to traditional Bell Totas, each product is backed by a fascinating story.

Method and Materials Used

Another interesting fact about these products is, they are purely made by hands. They broadly use only three types of materials – Cotton, Organdy and Handloom fabric for crafting bedsheets, bedcovers, pillow covers, cushion covers, rugs, table mats, laptop bags, diaries, puppets & more. Because they are hand-made, they not only possess a homely warmth but are also qualitatively better and safer to use for daily purposes.

Being the exclusive Online Partner of Hatheli Sansthan, our goal with this alliance is to further cultivate original design thinking in rural artisans & enable the urban audience to enrich their artisanal roots and live a handmade life. A change that is inevitable and something that lasts.

Product Range and Prices

1)Home Furnishing

Single Bedsheets ₹2499/unit

Double Bedsheets ₹5699/unit

Cushion Covers ₹439/unit

2)Home Decor

Bell Totas ₹ 249/unit

Bandarwals ₹ 899/unit

Wall Hangings ₹ 999/unit


Handmade Bags ₹189/unit

Pouches ₹149/unit

Laptop Sleeves ₹849/unit

About Fabriclore

Fabriclore is an independent initiative that designs, develops and curates modern and traditional Indian fabrics, dupattas, stoles, suits, home furnishing & more from all over India, in order to revive our vibrant culture and bring it in a contemporary avatar to the online platform. Founded in March 2016, Fabriclore is a Jaipur-based organization, with a penchant for telling vivid stories through their collaboration with indigenous designers. A brainchild of three friends- Sandeep, Anupam and Vijay, Fabriclore sets out for a tough task to constantly inspire creative people to achieve stand-out boho and fusion designs. Keeping the charm of personalization at the fore, Fabriclore aims to solve the problem of virtual availability of Indian Handloom and Contemporary fabrics at one place in a professional, quality checked and fully supported the customer experience.

With talent blooming, bootstrapped designers no longer need to pile up the stock of fabrics at their store and can easily get their business going without investing in fabrics at one go. With its doorstep delivery, designers can avoid the hassle of travelling and accumulating fabrics from different parts of the country. The organization’s strength lies in understanding textiles to the core, intricacies involved in weaving, handcrafting, modern production techniques and deep familiarity with a complex legacy supply-chain.

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