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Dr Kannan Vishwanatth of Rupus Global Limited awarded Global Icon Award at Royal Palace, Bali

Global Economic Forum G20 Summit conferred Prof. Dr Kannan Vishwanatth, academic researcher & founder of Rupus Global Limited with the prestigious Global Icon of the year for academic research & Healthcare Innovations at the World Economic Forum at Royal Palace, Bali, Indonesia 2023

Global Economic Forum G20 Initiative Summit 2023 organized by the Indonesian government held at the Royal Palace, Bali, Indonesia on 24th Jan 2023 witnessed the participation of top industry leaders from G20 Countries From 24-26th Jan 2023. The world’s most influential political, commercial, cultural, educational, and other leaders came together at the Global Economic Forum to set global, regional, and industry agendas. As the G20 Bali summit came to an end on 16th November 2022, Indonesia handed over the G20 presidency to India for the next year & the first international Global Economic Forum with G20 Initiatives kick-started with Bali Indonesia. Dr Kannan Vishwanatth, the founder & managing director of Rupus Global Limited was conferred with the prestigious Global Icon of the year for academic research & Healthcare Innovations at the World Economic Forum at Royal Palace, Bali, Indonesia 2023. 

His Royal Highness Dr Shri Gusti Ngurah Arya WedaKarna Mahendradatta, Senator, Indonesia Presented the Highest Honour to Global Economic Forum G20 Initiative Leaders with Global Icon Award at Royal Palace, Bali, Indonesia in a power-packed hall. Along with Prof Dr Kannan Vishwanatth, more than 20 world leaders were recognized in their respective fields.

Speaking on this, Dr Kannan Vishwanatth said “I humbly accept this award in the beautiful city of Bali in Indonesia & I am indeed privileged to have been selected for this rare recognition at the G 20 Summit by the Indonesian Government. I strongly believe that education to the millions of marginalized sections of society will be key to democracy & mankind’s prosperity. Being an academic researcher, I have always advocated for peaceful & equitable growth for all in the world, as we navigate through these turbulent times, in a sustainable, holistic, responsible, and inclusive manner. The member countries of the G20 cover more than 75% of global trade, 80% of the world’s GDP and more than 60% of the planet’s population. The G20 comprises the major economies of the world. The road ahead will be challenging”.

Visionary entrepreneur Dr Kannan Vishwanatth based out of Riga, Lativia is the Founder & Managing Director of our Hong Kong-based pharmaceutical company Rupus Global Limited. He holds a doctorate in Business Management (PhD). Dr Kannan Vishwanatth is a global opinion maker on contemporary issues & a much sought-after speaker in various international forums. As a Research Scholar, Dr Kannan has published many research papers & is associated with many top-notch International Institutions as Editorial Reviewer. Dr Kannan Vishwanatth is a global Citizen & a strong believer in Corporate Social Responsibilities. Over the years, Dr Kannan has slowly transitioned away from Corporate World and into philanthropic & academic ventures.

 Dr Kannan Vishwanatth is a top academic researcher at the Garwood Innovation Fellow at Garwood Centre of Open Innovation, Haas School of Business Berkeley University of California & Senior Research Scholar at the Latvian Academy of Sciences in Riga. Dr Vishwanatth further pursued higher studies from the University of Azteca European Programs. Having mastered Chemical Engineering, Vishwanatth started his entrepreneurial journey a decade ago and formed a successful mid-sized pharmaceutical company with a major thrust on API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient). Dr Kannan Vishwanatth along with Prof. Solomon Darwin, Director, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, Executive Director, Center for Growth Markets, Institute for Business Innovation & Dr Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief, Network 7 Media Group, Founder & Chairman, Pharma Leaders & India Leadership Conclave co-authored a research book on Smart Villages – A Game-Changing Innovations in Social Engineering in the year 2022. 

Dr Kannan Vishwanatth is a renowned international trade specialist & mentor to many startups. In a career spanning more than 20 years of both the academic & corporate world, Dr Kannan has received many international accolades. 

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