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Bliss GVS Healthcare Limited Redefines Modern Medicine in Kenya; Makes It Synonymous with Affordability and Accessibility

Bliss Medical Centre, an outpatient service provider, offers a wide range of services from routine health examinations to managing chronic conditions. Started in 2012, by Mr Jayesh Saini, the founder and Chairman, Bliss GVS Healthcare Limited is a leading integrated healthcare network in Kenya.

Reflecting on the journey, he had this to say, “Bliss began its journey with an aim of patient satisfaction and a goal of saving and enriching lives. We work to improve efficiency, flexibility and accountability in healthcare. We have developed bespoke models of healthcare that meet health-related needs of the diverse population we serve. Over time, the immense public approval of services offered by our employees has led to our robust growth”.

On what has stood out as a concern, Vice President, Strategic Business Expansion, Mr Mehta said, “Accessibility and affordability have restricted delivery of quality healthcare. Our aim is to alleviate both problems”.

With about 2000 employees of which over 500 are healthcare professionals, Bliss serves over 80,000 patients monthly in its 80 modern clinics in 45 counties, making it the largest and fastest growing network of the healthcare providers in Africa.

Jayesh started his career in the family-owned Nairobi West Hospital, a world-class 260-bed fully-fledged medical facility. In almost 20 years, he has invested greatly in healthcare. Besides Bliss, he owns Medicross Ltd, comprising 22 outpatient centres equipped to offer comprehensive quality services.

In 2017, Mr Saini and his wife Dr Shalya added inpatient care by setting up two hospitals under LifeCare Hospitals Ltd. In line with his passion, he is currently setting up another 6 facilities geographically spread in Kenya bringing total bed capacity to 2000. Jayesh also owns DINLAS Pharma EPZ Limiteda 30-million dollar pharmaceutical firm focusing mainly on Africa market for drug supply. In the Energy sector under Surge Energy, he manufactures gas cylinders towards affordable clean energy, unlike the conventional charcoal, firewood and kerosene.

About Bliss Medical Centre:

Bliss Medical Centre is a leading integrated healthcare network in Kenya providing complete outpatient cover. It provides accessible, affordable and quality healthcare. Started in 2012, with just a few clinics, it is now the largest and fastest growing networks of the healthcare providers in Kenya.

For more details, visit https://www.blissmedicalcentre.com/

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