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Arafath Sheikh ‘India’s youngest karting sensation’

Pune, India – Arafath Sheikh ‘India’s youngest karting sensation’ hailing from Pune, Maharashtra started Karting at the age four. Ah-ha! Probably the age where we wouldn’t even know properly what the word ‘Karting’ means. Karting is driving and racing miniature automobiles called karts, or GoKarts. This motorsport originated in the United States and is currently very popular in Europe. It is an upcoming sport in India where the fitness of mind and body is very important. 

Enthralling example of Arafath Sheikh who started chasing his dreams at an early age. He is currently pursuing Class II at The Bishop School Camp, Pune. He made his racing debut at the age of 6 with international lame X30 United Arab Emirates (‘UAE’) championship with P2 position. Karting in the UAE is growing up quickly. The UAE is blessed with few world-class tracks and several race teams have their gulf headquarters here. Most circuits will accept drivers as young as 5-years-old, special “Bambino” karts do exist for this Championship. Bambino Championship is for competitors aged 5 to 8 years old. After securing P2 position, there was no looking back for him.

Photo Credit: Shajhan Khan

He is currently participating in lame X30 JK Tyre FMSCI National Karting Championship consisting of 5 rounds under cadet category and is currently overall P4 out of 9 competitors with approximately 5 years elder to him. The  JK Tyre National Racing Championship is where every Indian racing driver earns their stripes before progressing into the international arena.

This Championship is organised by Meco Motor Sports (‘MMS’). MMS is India’s No. 1 motorsports management enterprise started by Indian racing legend, Akbar Ebrahim. His son Armaan Ebrahim started his career in karting and became Formula LGB Champion in 2004. He was the best racer of his era and has been an inspiration for many of the racers in India. MMS  is where aspirants are trained to learn the ropes of karting and racing to fulfil their dream of becoming professional racers one day. Meco Academy prides itself on having trained virtually every Indian racer that has gone on to participate in international circuits over the last 15 years.

Arafath Sheikh is gaining experience under the guidance of MMS on the Praga Karts. Praga is a well-known Kart Chassis brand. It has its headquarters and production is located in Salizzole, northern Italy having a well-distributed channel in India.

Arafath will be participating in lame X30 UAE championship 2019-20  in Bambino class which is starting from September 2019 he is training for Dubai -O-Plate 2020 a popular karting series around the globe. He is the youngest Indian to participate in Karting abroad. He is already leaving a mark on the world at a young age. The fearless Arafath has blown the mind with his ingenuity and relentless driving and will probably be the most inspiring ones among the young adults and teenagers.

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