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Aqua Soft launches Water ATM(Water Vending Machine); aims at providing affordable RO water in India

NEW DELHI, September 28, 2018/Digital Punch

Aqua Soft,  as a Domestic & Commercial reverse osmosis and Water Vending machine manufacturing company, launched their Water ATM  on Sept 24’2018, following the remarkable success of its existing water treatment products in New Delhi. The recent launch of the Water ATM continues on the brand’s focus on making high-grade water treatment solutions available in India.

Aqua Soft offers an entire range of water treatment and purification products – Domestic RO, Commercial RO, Water Coolers, Water Softeners, Fixed and Mobile Water Vending Machines(Water ATMs). It is an emerging leader in the water treatment industry, which has served the industrial and commercial domain in addition to the domestic requirements since its inception in the market in early 2001s.

Access to consumable water is one of the main challenges across the globe. Based on its experience in the industry so far, Aqua Soft has found two major issues that restrict the access to purified drinking water- availability and affordability.  Aqua Soft‘s Water ATM aims to solve both these problems. It provides a glass of RO purified water at Rs.2 in an urban setup. In the rural areas, a family can get 20 litres of RO purified water at Rs.5 only. In addition to this, each Water ATM provides employment to a minimum of two people.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Pramod Bajaj, the founder of Aqua Soft said,” The launch of the mobile water ATMs will strengthen our actions in the field of water purification. More than 450 Aqua Soft water vending machines have already been installed all over the country. We are very humbled to have been selected by various NGOs, Companies, Panchayats and Municipalities to provide water treatment solutions in rural areas and communities. Many companies have installed Aqua Soft ROs and Water ATMs (Water Vending Machines) as part of their corporate social responsibility thereby establishing a deeper community relationship. ”

On asking, Mr Bajaj said, “At Aqua Soft, we have more than 50 channel partners attached with us. We plan to increase their number to 100 channel partners and install at least 5000 Water Vending Machines PAN India by 2019. As we progress in the second decade of our operation, the company is working towards its mission of providing livelihood also along with affordable water solutions. The Water ATMs would ideally generate employment to 10,000 people. We are also keen on strengthening our after-sales support for all our water treatment solutions.”

About Aqua Soft

Aqua Soft is one of the leading brands in the Indian Water Industry. It has provided extensive water treatment solutions through in-house production. It manufactures domestic RO machines within the range of Rs. 6500 to Rs. 24500; commercial/industrial water plants from 50LPH to 10000 LPH and Water Vending ATM from 100LPH to 1000 LPH.

For more details, visit https://Aqua Softro.in/

For distribution enquiries, visit https://Aqua Softro.in/for-partners/

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