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Ending Toxic Masculinity – The DaMENSCH way

Have you ever wondered what it means to challenge the norms of traditional masculinity?

DaMENSCH certainly has, from changing the way people look at themselves to promoting body positivity, they do it all. The qualities and attributes regarded as characteristic of men define masculinity. But progressive times call for progressive mindsets. The modern man isn’t someone that lives by the outdated rules, and they don’t need to be held back by the dissonance and discomfort established by distant forefathers.

So how does a Premium Innerwear brand like DaMENSCH change the norm?

Our ancestors loom over our heads with their lingering approach to being macho. Work through the discomfort, never care about how you feel, and don’t think about yourself. But the choice is easy for people who have converted to DaMENSCH. Displeasure is a thing of the past; caring is cool, and thinking about yourself is the first step in the journey to be comfortable in your own skin.

There’s a desire within everyone. It’s the desire to be accepted for your true self and not a suppressed shell of discontent. But DaMENSCH has decided to Break the norm. #BreakDaNorm

Masculinity is acceptable only when its meaning stems from the individual and never a third party. At DaMENSCH, where being progressive is the coolest thing to be, they’ve started to break down the walls that block the sunrise. A new day calls for a new definition.

What about their products?

DaMENSCH has an ever-evolving catalogue. Starting with the most basic underwear we know, briefs and trunks, they’ve also introduced boxer briefs and vests. But it’s completely different from the innerwear we’ve had in the past. Their trunks, briefs, and boxer briefs are manufactured with DEO-SOFT MicroModal fabric, and it is the best option across the board. They’ve decided to focus on the fit, the fabric, and the finish. Needless to say, they’ve perfected all three.

The NEO-SKIN Bamboo Vest is a game-changer. Combining the classic elements of tank-tops and vests, it gives you the best of both worlds. Designed to fall beneath the first open button of all your shirts, it lets you stay discreet. Although they’ve received several complaints because apparently, people have no issues with putting the NEO-SKIN Bamboo Vest on display. But all good things come in threes. They’ve engineered the fabric with Moisture-Absorption and Thermoregulation technology, and it comes down to two major upgrades; stays dry all day and keeps you cool throughout. Unless it’s winter, then it keeps you warm. The NEO-SKIN Bamboo Vest is a must-have.

The fabric of choice for the trunks, briefs, and boxer briefs is MicroModal. The full line of premium underwear is manufactured with a hint of spandex for that extra stretch and longevity. Tailored for the Indian male physique; the 4-way stretch lets the fabric adapt to your shape and moves with you. Moisture-wicking technology makes sure you stay dry even after a big lunch on the hottest day of the year. The biodegradable fabric composition penetrates deeper and lasts forever vibrant throughout its lifespan. All of these features are wrapped in fabric that’s 3x softer than your average underwear.

But that’s not all, 2021 is a very exciting year to be aware of DaMENSCH. Starting with the new line of DEO-cotton underwear and a lot more coming.

Considering all the amazing things DaMENSCH has to offer, it makes sense. The choice to define your own masculinity comes in a very appealing package, their underwear, and the choice is an easy one.

Progressive people now have a platform to share their views on how they define masculinity and what they do to ward off toxic masculinity.

DaMENSCH caters to the modern man who embraces their body type, accepts their natural self, seeks supreme comfort, and above all, those who live by their own rules.

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