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Swachhta Campaign 3.0 – Department of Defence Production

Swachhta Campaign conducted at 746 sites across the country identified by the department along with its DPSUs & Attached Offices

The Department of Defence Production is currently executing Special  Campaign 3.0, with a specific focus on ingraining cleanliness practices and reducing delays in Defence Public Sector Undertakings  (DPSUs) and their associated offices. This Swachhta Campaign 3.0  represents a significant effort to elevate cleanliness nationwide, with all DPSUs and Department of Defence Production (DDP) entities actively participating in the initiative. So far, organizations within the department have conducted 746 cleanliness drives as part of the  Special Campaign, up until the third week. These efforts have also been widely publicized on various social media platforms. Additionally, the department is consistently reviewing pending cases in order to diminish any existing backlog.

At the end of 3rd week of the campaign, the Department of Defence Production has achieved the following milestones:

  • Reviewed 21000 files/records and segregated files for weeding out
  • 7.5 Lakh Sq. feet space is freed by disposing of scrap/unused items
  • 2700 MT of Scrap/unused items disposed
  • 20 Cr Revenue earned by Scrap Disposal
  • 153 Public grievances disposed
  • 52 Public grievances appeals disposed

Equipped with precise objectives and a robust monitoring system, the department is wholeheartedly striving to realize the goals set forth in  Special Campaign 3.0. The progress of this initiative is scrutinized at the highest echelons on a daily basis, and the SCDPM portal of the DARPG  is uploaded with the most recent updates. Public awareness about the campaign is disseminated through an array of mediums, including social media, banners, posters, and engaging painting competitions. Notably, over 570 tweets have been shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) by both DPSUs and DDP, all tagged with  #SpecialCampaign 3.0.

Disclaimer: This is an official press release by Pib.
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