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Status of Projects Under Green Highway Policy

The Green Highway Policy 2015 covers all the National Highways of the country with the aim to promote greening of corridors. Under the policy, 244.68 lakh plants have been planted upto December 2021 across 869 NH projects having a length of 51,178 Km. State-wise details of plantation are placed as Annexure.  

The local indigenous, non-invasive shrubs and ornamental as well as non-ornamental shade bearing trees suitable for different agro-climatic zones are planted as per the Indian Road Congress’ guideline (IRC SP:21-2009).


State-Wise details of Plantation

Sl No.StatesTotal No. of ProjectsTotal Projects Length (in Km)Number of Plants planted (in Lakh)
1.   Karnataka473282.46414.55
2.   Madhya Pradesh594196.78414.80
3.   Odisha261765.8379.13
4.   Haryana352290.2516.07
5.   Punjab261114.9458.41
6.   Tamilnadu663767.10314.27
7.   Uttarakhand13551.2453.01
8.   Delhi541479.7913.30
9.   Gujarat593991.51716.94
10.   Assam22683.984.05
11.   Telangana261779.81612.88
12.   Rajasthan846232.43619.65
13.   Jammu &Kashmir            16567.642.43
14.   West Bengal261565.4710.03
15.   Maharashtra985086.92421.70
16.   Bihar442876.5813.17
17.   Chhattisgarh14752.6745.47
18.   Jharkhand19818.015.12
19.   Himachal Pradesh8260.240.86
20.   Kerala17559.5440.68
21.   Uttar Pradesh715093.80124.69
22.   Andhra Pradesh392461.25413.48

This information was given by Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha.

Disclaimer : This is an official press release by PIB.

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