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Secretary, Department of Telecommunications Transformative visit to USA

The Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications embarked on a transformative visit to the United States starting on 12th January 2024, addressing critical aspects of India’s technological prowess and global collaboration. The highlights of this significant journey include:

 PanIIT 2024 Event in Washington, DC:

Secretary (DoT) delivered a compelling keynote on ‘Technology Diplomacy: Navigating the Geopolitical Landscape‘ at the PanIIT 2024 event. Emphasizing India’s Digital Transformation, he underscored the importance of tech diplomacy for diversifying the supply chain, crucial for the growth of the ICT sector. A Joint Work Plan was inked with PanIIT USA, fostering expertise exchange for Indian research projects and guiding startups towards the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Exploration of Quantum Communications Collaboration at the University of Chicago

Secretary, Department of Telecommunications Transformative visit to USA
Photo credit-Press release by PIB

In a strategic move to bolster India’s self-reliance in Quantum Communications, the Secretary visited the University of Chicago. Engaging in deep-diving sessions and touring Quantum Communication labs, he explored potential collaborations in Quantum Networks and Quantum Teleportation. This initiative aims to elevate R&D, foster innovation, and fortify the startup ecosystem in Quantum Communications within India.

 Meeting with Deputy NSA, USA – Ms. Ann Neuberger

The Secretary met with Deputy NSA, USA, Ms. Ann Neuberger, resulting in the formalization and release of the ‘US-India OpenRAN Acceleration Roadmap.’ This milestone agreement promotes collaboration for interoperability and scaled deployments of OpenRAN products. Both sides concurred on joint efforts in Next Generation Communication Technologies, marking a significant stride towards global technological advancement.

Engagement with Delegates of the World Bank

Secretary, Department of Telecommunications Transformative visit to USA
Photo credit-Press release by PIB

At the World Bank, the Secretary(Telecom) met Senior MD Axel van Trotsenburg, VP South Asia Martin Raiser, VP Infrastructure Guangzhou Chen, and Director Strategy and Operations Qimiao Fan. Discussions revolved around India’s initiatives in Digital Public Infrastructure, Cell Broadcast Technology, and the promotion of the startup ecosystem. The World Bank was invited to join the ‘AI for Good’ effort of ITU/UN, with a specific focus on the South Asian and African regions.

This visit epitomizes the Department of Telecommunication’s commitment to technological excellence, international collaboration, and self-reliance, aligning seamlessly with the vision of  Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Disclaimer: This is an official press release by Pib.

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