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The Indian Navy has introduced the Sardar KM Panikkar ‘NIB’ (Navy Intellectual Beacon) essay competition with the aim of promoting reading, writing, critical thinking and systematic analysis within its community. The high level of professional officers of the Indian armed need to maintain can only be achieved through continued and sustained education as well as training. This is augmented with literary pursuits that enable the form of informed opinions on aspects such as national security, international relations, defence strategy, organisational behaviour and management of combat forces.

The award has been constituted in the memory of Sardar KM Panikkar, a maritime strategic thinker who advocated maritime awakening in India, wrote strongly in favour of enhancing maritime consciousness in the nation, and relentlessly highlighted the significance of maritime power and naval policy to India’s growth and prosperity, the competition will be an important element of the Navy’s annual calendar.

All officers below the rank of Captain (Col equivalent) are eligible to participate in it. A unique badge has been introduced for the winner, who will be permitted to wear it in his or her uniform for a period of one year. The badge will be formally presented to the winner of the competition by the Chief of the Naval Staff.

Disclaimer: This is an official press release by Pib.

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