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Inspection by Central Pollution Control Board

Emission and discharge from industrial units are one of the many sources of pollution. All industries, including highly polluting (17 categories) industries like colour alkali, pesticide, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, dye &dye intermediate, fertilizer, oil refinery, inorganic chemicals and organic chemical have provided a pollution control system for effluent as well as emission to comply with the notified standards. The compliance status of effluent and emission standards is being monitored by the Online Continuous Effluent/ Emission Monitoring System (OCEMS) by CPCB/SPCBs/PCCs. The details regarding the action taken by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on the violating industries i.e. issuance of Closure Directions, Show Cause Notice, imposition of Environmental Compensation etc. are available at CPCB’s website at: https://cpcb.nic.in/cpcb-directions-5ep.php / https://cpcb.nic.in/cpcb-directions.php

During the last 3 years i.e. from 2019- 2021, CPCB has carried out inspection of 271 industries, out of which 104 units were found non-complying with prescribed environmental norms to whom show-cause notices and closure directions were issued under the provisions of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. Out of 104 non-complying units, 78 units are complying with CPCB directions and for remaining unit’s directions of Central, Pollution Control Board are still in force. State-wise status of industries inspected during 2019-21 is given below

The state-wise compliance status of 17 categories of industries inspected on a random basis, selected based on the real-time data received through OCEMS(Summary: 2019-2021)

Sl. No.YearTotal no. of industries inspectedNo. of industries found non-complyingNo. of industries complied with CPCB directionsNo. of industries for which CPCB directions are still in force
Total 271 104* 78 24

* For two non-complying units, the matter was forwarded to concerned SPCBs for necessary action.

This information was given by the Minister of State in the M/o Environment, Forest and Climate change in Lok Sabha today.

Disclaimer : This is an official press release by PIB.

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