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“India to host IIAS Annual Conference 2025 at Kochi with the theme Next Generation Administrative Reforms – Empowering Citizens and Reaching the Last Mile”

India’s decision conveyed to the Council of Administration of IIAS in meeting dated 14 June 2023 by video conference

India expressed its willingness to host the 2025 IIAS (International Institute of Administrative Sciences) Annual Conference at Kochi, Kerala, in February 2025. The IIAS established in 1930, is a federation of member States, national sections and academic research centres jointly elaborating public administration solutions to the policy challenges of the day with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

The decision of the Government of India was conveyed in the meeting of the Council of Administration by V. Srinivas, Secretary Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances in a virtual meeting today. The 2025 Annual Conference of IIAS would be attended by 30 Member Countries, 18 National Sections and over 50 IIAS Universities/ Institutes of Public Administration in Member Countries.

The Indian statement to the IIAS Council of Administration said the following:

The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances is an institutional member of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences IIAS since 1998. As a nation deeply committed to Multilateralism, Democracy, Meritocracy and Good Governance, India has under Prime Minister Modi, pursued far-reaching administrative reforms under the policy maxim “Maximum Governance–Minimum Government”. As an institutional member of IIAS, India has contributed significantly to the deliberative democracy, research publications, and fiscal processes of budget/ audit through the institutional mechanisms of the Council of Administration and the Finance Committee.

India to host IIAS Annual Conference 2025 at Kochi with the theme Next Generation Administrative Reforms
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Under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the Governance landscape of India has radically changed in scale, scope and learning paradigms. India has succeeded in building modern-day digital institutions which benefit millions of Indians with e-services and digital public infrastructure. In its 75th year of independence, being celebrated as Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Prime Minister Modi has given a clarion call for the adoption of Next Generation Reforms by bridging the gap between government and citizens under the theme Viksit Bharat.

This vision of Next Generation administrative reforms of Prime Minister Modi has been diligently translated into reality by DARPG. Secretariat Reforms, Benchmarking of Governance, Redressal of Public Grievances & Improving Service Delivery, Recognizing Meritocracy and Replication of good governance practices form the core of India’s good governance model.

The organizational reforms coupled with significant reforms in Personnel Administration represent a paradigm shift in India’s governance models. New India’s strong institutions are best symbolized by the adoption of e-governance practices. The best manifestation of the “Maximum Governance – Minimum Government” policy is a “Digitally Empowered Citizen” and a “Digitally Transformed Institution”. In accordance with India’s governance model, the theme for the 2025 IIAS Annual Conference at Kochi is proposed as “Next Generation Administrative Reforms – Empowering the Citizens and Reaching the Last Mile”.

India to host IIAS Annual Conference 2025 at Kochi with the theme Next Generation Administrative Reforms
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In 2023, India will be hosting the G-20 Leaders’ Summit and the SCO Leaders’ Summit. Over 200 meetings of G20 engagement groups/ working groups/ ministerial meetings are being conducted in 56 cities under the theme “Vasudhiava Kutumbakam – One Earth, One Family, One Future”. As the world’s largest democracy and amongst the most digitally advanced Nations in the world, India brings forth its unique experience of hosting important bilateral/multilateral summits backed by decentralized/ functional governance models. India has always viewed the IIAS as an important institution for international relations in public administration. The IIAS 2025 Conference in Kochi would represent a significant milestone for India’s pursuit of next-generation administrative reforms.

India extends a warm and hearty welcome to all the 2025 IIAS Annual Conference delegates to visit Kochi. The conference dates and agenda would be worked out in consultation with the IIAS Secretariat. The Director General Indian Institute of Public Administration and Member of the Research Advisory Committee of IIAS would support DARPG in formulating the research agenda for the 2025 IIAS Conference at Kochi. India looks forward to hosting an inclusive and successful conference and envisages cordial and constructive collaboration with the IIAS in the run-up to 2025.

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